Download History Implementation

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Great!! smiley Thank you

I love the way you guys continue to innovate. It's one of the many things that makes me recommend you to others and stick around myself. smiley!

Love it! Now - since I have been with you for years - andhave unlimited downloads - show me how touse it to show me what I have NOT downloaded smiley)) nowthat would be an amazing time saver --- angelkisses

This is great. I could even rename a download I did not fully named on my files!
Thank you.

Awesome feature!!! Thank you all for everything you do!!!

Thank you, it'll be very usefull smiley

YES! So excited!!! Will make it so efficient!

Can someone tell me how you find the files you own but haven't downloaded yet?

Technically, you don't "own" any of the files; but that's another topic all together.... as far as I know, it's only once you download that you are considered to have "purchased them for your use; so I'm not sure why you think you have some but haven't yet downloaded. Maybe someone else knows better of what you are asking....

Thanks so much that is so awesome!

HUGS!!!! This is an amazing feature. Thank You just doesn't give you enough credit for all of your effort and hard work!

NICE! Thank you so MUCH!

exciting stuff... Now if you could only remind me where I filed all of these super cool things

@Rachael: Are you thinking of bundles that you've purchased from Bundle Sales but haven't downloaded yet? The easiest way to find those would probably be through searching your email.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I searched through my email and didn't see any receipt for the bundle...
Still can't find the rest.
Any more ideas?

fantastic. cant wait to use!!!

Thankyou smiley

Thanks so much! This is such a helpful feature.