Fixed inability to post new layouts, forum topics, free DC

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Fixed inability to post new layouts, forum topics, free DC

As some of you probably noticed, we had a little issue with the site yesterday that was preventing people from posting new layouts to the gallery, and also preventing new forum posts. The problem also caused some people not to receive their free daily download credits for the day.

I've fixed the issue, and we are giving everyone 10 bonus download credits whether you were among those who didn't receive their credits or not. These bonus credits will be gradually distributed over the next 48 hours. So if you don't receive yours right away, don't panic.

Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who tried to post during the problem time yesterday!

Thank you Jordan! It is very nice (and a relieve!)to know!

Thank you very much- so very kind of you!

You guys are awesome!

You guys rock like usual!

Thank you!

Very generous, thank you. Glad to know the problem was with my computer.

Thanks dude!

Thank you so much! smiley

Wow! Thanks, that is really nice!

Thank You!!

Thank you so much. I am glad you got it fixed

Wow... thank you!!! Very generous! smiley smiley

Thank you smiley

Awesome, thank you!

Thank you, that is really kind smiley

Wow, thank you! You guys are the best

Thank you kindly!!

Thank you!! I feel guilty - I did not even know there was a problem!! So kind of you both.



Thanks a bunch for fixing. Seems like you are always on the ball with taking care of things

thank u. smiley

hi thank u so much. smiley


Thank you !!

Thanks Jordan! Diligent as always!

You rock!!! Thanks!!!

Very nice of you, thanks.

Thank you so nice to know it wasn't me who broke it...LOL

Thank you so much !! smiley