Going on Maternity Leave

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Going on Maternity Leave

I can't believe enough months have gone by since my first announcement, but the time is at hand for our new baby to arrive! Before I disappear in a haze of new-momness, I wanted to give you all a heads up that that's where I've gone. So if I seem slow to reply, please bear with me smiley. And if you want the most timely baby update, you can follow me on Instagram.

While I look forward to taking a break with our new baby, I am very grateful for our junior webmaster Thani and all our awesome Pixel Scrapper team members who will keep things running in my absence. It makes it a lot easier to take a break when you know that things are being looked after well!

Hope you and yours have a blessed holiday season smiley smiley smiley

time sure has gone by, Marisa. looking forward to pictures of the new baby.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Such an exciting time Marisa! Wishing you good luck in your new adventure! smiley smiley

smiley Best wishes for you and your bundle of joy! Good luck for everything ahead smiley

Blessings to your growing family. Happy holidays too!

Hi wanted you to know will be praying for u love Joyce smiley

Congratulations and best wishes for you and Jordan Marisa!

Congratulations! Take care!

Blessings to you and your whole family as you welcome your new little one!

All the best!!

Looking forward to seeing the new baby photos...........Enjoy it all to the fullest.

Enjoy!!! And sleep when the baby does!!!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!


You are going to have your hands full with the new bundle of joy. Good thing you work at home and it is a good thing that you have help with your work. May God bless you and your family. smiley smiley

Enjoy your maternity leave, so exciting that the baby's arrival is getting close! Have a great time with your newborn as a new mom and dad. Lots of love!

Good luck!

wow, mega exciting!
wishing you guys all the best with the new baby! hope all goes well...and enjoy your new role as parents!

Wishing you a smooth and easy delivery! And enjoy these moments before baby comes. smiley Im looking forward to "meeting" your new bundle! Again best of wishes to you and Jordan! I'm really excited for you all!

Congratulations! You have a blessed delivery and enjoy your new little one coming! I'll pray you get plenty of sleep and rest in spite of the craziness coming! smiley

Congratulations! Blessings as you and Jordan become new parents! Looking forward to a baby pic or two! smiley

Very excited for you both, and will be saying prayers for a safe and quick delivery (and lots of sleep). Congratulations, and happy holidays!

So exciting that you're so close! I'll be praying for an quick and safe delivery. Best wishes to both of you during this crazy, busy, exciting time. smiley smiley

How exciting! smiley I hope everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can with the labor/baby and your holidays are grand! smiley

Praying for a smooth and perfect delivery! Happy holidays to your and yours!


smiley smiley tanti tanti auguri per il nuovo arrivo tanta felicità
Buon Natale a tutte le persone che ami
grazie per il materiale che metti a disposizione

Prayers for a safe and easy delivery...blessings for the new arrival!

Blessings to your growing family. And Good Luck! Happy holidays too!

Congratulations and best wishes for you and Jordan Marisa!

Congrats to both of you and best wishes with the delivery of your new bundle! We'll be here when you get back! Enjoy your leave!

congratulations again on the baby and please take it easy while you can. I'm sure your new baby will give you lots of inspiration for when you get back to us, have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year, x