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❤ Help us REBOOT Pixel Scrapper ❤

Dear Pixel Scrapper Community:

I recently mentioned in another forum post that Pixel Scrapper is in the final stages of being converted to a Public Benefit Company, and that this new classification is just the start of what we hope will be an exciting new phase of growth and renewal for Pixel Scrapper: we want to “reboot” the site and really take it to the next level. But to do that we need some help from our community, and so we've decided to hold a subscription/donation drive to raise some needed funds.

In this post, I'm going to outline some of our plans, as well as explain why we need support in the form of new subscribers and/or donations.

Don't need any convincing? Well golly gee! You can support us by subscribing for unlimited downloads or making a donation.

What is this reboot all about?

The Pixel Scrapper reboot we are planning consists of a number of different items:

1. We want to gather feedback from our community.
What do you love about Pixel Scrapper? What would you like to see more of? What new features would you love to see? One of the main ways we gather feedback is through our Feature Requests Forum: please visit that forum and submit ideas so that we can know what's important to you! We also plan to conduct some surveys and form some dedicated focus groups to help guide us as we move forward throughout 2020.

2. We want to implement some long-standing feature requests.
Including but not limited to:

  1. Wishlist feature (Done! see the announcement)
  2. User activity streams
  3. Forum search
  4. Allow users to to easily arrow through kits/graphics/gallery when browsing
  5. Have the site indicate already downloaded items when browsing/searching (Jordan says this is a hard problem, but we really want to get it done!)

3. We want to improve download speeds and consistency.
We want to implement a dependable content delivery network for all of our downloads, so that users around the world can experience consistent, fast downloads of all our content, all the time.

4. We want to add multiple new designers to our team.
You want Pixel Scrapper to have more content and more variety--and we do too! We want to move ahead and add multiple new designers to our team in the near future.

5. We want to renew our vision.
As we become a Public Benefit Company heading into 2020 (learn more here), we want to revisit our Manifesto and renew our vision based on everything we stand for, and taking community feedback into account: we want to make our community stronger, keep giving away as much as we can, and work to improve weak spots and make Pixel Scrapper better for everyone.

Are you in? You can support us by subscribing for unlimited downloads or making a donation.

Why do we need your help?

We are excited by our reboot plans, but to move Pixel Scrapper forward, we need your help. We are a small operation, and some of our plans (like developing significant new features, improving our download speeds, or adding multiple new designers to the site) require that we have the ability to pay for new services, or pay new people as we bring them onto our team--and right now we have limited ability to do that.

Consider our designers: we have an amazing team of designers at Pixel Scrapper who believe in our vision of generous creativity and who agree to let us serve thousands of free downloads every day, offer their products under our extensive commercial use license, and pool our income in order to pay them (since our site does not operate on direct product purchases). It is a special group of people, and we want to add to that group--but we also need to be able to support each new designer that comes on board in a reasonable way.

And we don't want to raise subscription prices, or stop offering free downloads. That is why we've decided to conduct this subscription/donation drive.

Are you in?

If our plans for a reboot sound good to you, if you would like to see multiple new designers join our team, if you appreciate Pixel Scrapper and the vision that we stand for (again: check out our Manifesto if you haven't already), if you've enjoyed getting free downloads for a long time--please consider supporting this reboot by subscribing for unlimited downloads (if you are not already a paying member) or by making a donation. Every new subscription and donation is a huge help--even a donation of just $1/month for 12 months makes a difference.

Please help us reboot Pixel Scrapper and add multiple new designers to our team:

100% of funds raised from this drive will be put back into our community or otherwise used to support our mission as a Public Benefit Company (learn more).

P.S. If you are already a paying subscriber, you are already doing a lot to support this community, and we certainly don't expect anything more from you--though if you wish to donate as well, we are very grateful.

Thank you!

Whether you are a current or new subscriber, or someone who has made a donation, or someone who has helped serve and support our community in another way: thank you so much! You are the reason we can keep moving forward. Our plans are bigger than we are at the moment, but I believe the support will come, because it always has. smiley

And remember: financial support means a lot to us, but it's certainly not the only kind of support you can give! We recognize and appreciate all kinds of giving. Every time you send someone a kind note or lend a helping hand on the forums you are helping us make the Pixel Scrapper vision a reality. smiley

I'm a long time subscriber but I just donated, to let you know I believe in what you are doing. smiley Thank you.

I'm already a subscriber, and I'll continue to be one. I adore all the kits and generosity of everyone. I think it's a wonderful site, and visit most days (Multiple times a day!) smiley

I've been an unlimited downloads subscriber for a few months now and will continue to be. I'm getting more excited by the day at the new and amazing designs that I'm seeing. I'm so thrilled for this new adventure for you and all of us!! I just made my first sale and I used the beautiful designs that I've been able to get from this site! I'm just thrilled!!

I unable to financially donate, and I am a paying subscriber...all I can offer are my hugs and prayers and tons of appreciation!! smiley

I've been a subscriber for a while now and had no trouble deciding to give my money to such a wonderful site.

I might make a donation sometime in the future when life settles down a bit!

I've been a paying patron for several years and will continue to support PS in this way. I admire the changes you're making and like where your taking this great site. I've just recently started creating and uploading layouts here again. I hope to scrap more in the future.

Love the transformation and updates! Already a subscriber

I can not pay , sorry, but I will continue to participate in the blog train forum, I always give my kits for free with pleasure. smiley
I participate in the challenges and I put comments very often, it's my way to participate in the forum Pixel Scrapper that I really like
Sorry for my english, i speak only french, i use translator !!! smiley smiley

I subscribed last week. smiley

renew my subscribed

Love this site...thanks so much for all you do!

Thank you for everything you do for the design / scrap community. smiley

I think this is an amazing thing you're doing here!! smiley

I'm a long time subscriber but I just donated

Wishing you great success! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! AWESOME, I say!

I'm a long time subscriber,and I'll continue to be one,but I just donated

Thank you all so much for your support! It means a lot to us. smiley

Yes, thank you! The support and kind words are so encouraging and uplifting! smiley smiley smiley

I'm a long time subscriber and would like info on how to become one of your designers! AnnieC

Question- is there a way to share this, in hopes of others joining and/or donating?
I really want to do something to help...that's all I could think of.

I am a paying subscriber. I love this site!

@ Becki Forbes, Pixel Scrapper is on facebook. You could share it from there.

I also love this site! I'm not a very active member but I have been a member for over 3 years, a couple of those I was a subscriber, I miss my patron status and unlimited downloads!

I read your above post and I know feedback is important to you. Maybe if I share with you all it will give some in site to potential subscriber problems and/or help a future subscriber.

My husband and I decided to help us with our finances that we would close our bank account and use pre-paid cards, especially online. When two people share the same bank account with very little communication things tend to pile up, one thing that was killing us was overdraft fees, that is why we decided to use pre-paid cards. I can't remember exactly what happened, I know my card must of been declined for lack of funds but my paypal option for payment disappeared or it wouldn't take it or something, I know I couldn't use it. At first the pre-paid cards would work when using them for payment here and then they wouldn't work anymore. I know I had a lot of help from support to help me get back my subscription but in the end I just got so frustrated and disappointed in the situation that I just gave up trying to get my payment to go through. So, to other members, pre-paid cards may or may not work, I haven't tried to subscribe in so long now that idk. But with any problem their support team is awesome and so very friendly!!

Now with that said, I'm hoping to become a subscriber again soon, by January at least!! I miss being able to download entire kits/bundles, love love love the monthly planner bundles and can't wait to be able to catch up on them!!! Best of wishes to Pixel Scrapper! smiley

If you use Google Chrome there is an extension called Social Media Share. After you install it, I think you have to join their site, say you want to share Marisa's post, just be on this page and then click the extension on your browser and it has a lot of sites to choose from that you want to share the post to. It's really easy to use. I tried it both on Facebook and with my blog and it posted to both! Hope this helps!!

I'm a subscriber and will be for life! I am conjuring up a marketing plan to spread awareness of pixelscrapper and generate funds to support. Thank you for inviting us to come alongside and help. Please let us know any other ideas that come to mind. I'm sure you know but there are several websites for crowdfunding such as patreon and the like.

Thank you all again for your support!

@Annette: we don't have an open-call in place at the moment, but you are welcome to reach out via our contact form.

@Samantha: sorry to hear about your payment woes. smiley These issues should be resolved now. Please let us know if you run into any more trouble!

@Becki: thanks for wanting to share! As others have said, one option is via Facebook / Social Media. We made a post on Facebook here.

I have subscribed in past years a couple of times but have now returned to possibly continue subscribing and being more involved in the forum.

@Anne-Marie: thank you! Your involvement and support are much appreciated!

This site has been SUCH a blessing in my life! I check it every day, and most days now, I do some sort of digital design or scrapbooking project. I LOVE it! I'm in process of applying for out-of-the-home work in the paraeducator realm, so I may not be on here as often. But I will definitely continue to support as a patron/subscriber and with donations! This is definitely worth it! Thank you for all you do, Marisa and Jordan and staff!

Thanks so much, Lisel! Your generous support and encouragement mean a lot to us!