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I have a subscription and sent in a donation. I love your site and continue to send people to it. Thank you so much for all your time, talent, and passion.

I love your mission and your innovative ideas. I am just about to subscribe now, I hope all the new changes are as exciting for you as they are for us smiley.

I would like to subscribe but I keep coming to dead ends.
Can someone tell me how I can subscribe?
I keep being sent to here whis has no active link to subscribe

Deana, try this link HERE and click on "subscribing to Pixel Scrapper".

I still don't see that anywhere. Uggg I don't know why I am having issues with this. I'm logged in.
From your link there want's anything about subscribing in the list. There was a popup window for help
so I tried that.. after clicking NEXT, NEXT.... I clicked on the link and it sent me back the to the same
screen that I always get that has nothing to click on here

I guess I'm not suppose to join...lol

Deanna, I thought that link would take you to the page I had opened. Please try again with the link I shared... then click on "More about Download Credits" then you should see to be able to click on "Subscribing to Pixel Scrapper"

TY TY TY Anne-Marie for thinking of my browser to be the problem.
You were correct and I have now joined!

Deana, I am so pleased to see you finally had success.

Let us know if you run into any more issues Deana! You can send us an email also: [email protected]

@Anne-Marie: Thanks for helping out!

I just subscribed yesterday. Love this site!! Keep up the great work!!!!

Thank you all! smiley

for anyone having trouble finding the subscribe link, here's a screenshot.

Just subscribed for the first time!

I'm a subscriber now and will be for the next years.
This site is great and all of you are amazing smiley

I have been a subscriber since 2016 and will continue to do so. I don't get to join the challenges however try to do some scrapbook pages most weeks of our grandson. I have just shared Pixel Scrapper facebook and encouraged by digi friends to subscribe as well.

I'm a subscriber, I love this site and the generosity of it's designers, I find the kits exciting and look forward to seeing new uploads. Looking forward to the new developments and wish you all the luck in the world, thank you x

I would like to see some monthly challenges where you have a prize for participating.

Also I'd LOVE you to do some Disney themed kits, apparently Disney doesn't care about copyright anymore because there are VOOKOOOs of them now!!

Oh, trust me when I say Disney still cares about copyright, Linda. They're the reason it takes so long after a creator's death for something to enter the public domain. You may see oodles of Disney-themed kits pop up because either they haven't been taken down yet, they've squeaked under the radar, or they're "themed" in such a way that it doesn't actually violate trademark or copyright (such as using similar colors and basic ideas, but not actually including characters or logos).

I just subscribed son loves his momma

I subscribed! It's a win/win move!

Thanks Deborrah!

Hello Everyone,
I just found your site and I am so pleased with the kits and graphics offered. I plan to return to visit again & donate, as I will not be able to afford a subscription. Thanks for all the things Pixel Scrapper, Designers, and individuals who work behind the scenes are doing to keep the site running smoothly.