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I have a subscription and sent in a donation. I love your site and continue to send people to it. Thank you so much for all your time, talent, and passion.

I love your mission and your innovative ideas. I am just about to subscribe now, I hope all the new changes are as exciting for you as they are for us smiley.

I would like to subscribe but I keep coming to dead ends.
Can someone tell me how I can subscribe?
I keep being sent to here whis has no active link to subscribe

Deana, try this link HERE and click on "subscribing to Pixel Scrapper".

I still don't see that anywhere. Uggg I don't know why I am having issues with this. I'm logged in.
From your link there want's anything about subscribing in the list. There was a popup window for help
so I tried that.. after clicking NEXT, NEXT.... I clicked on the link and it sent me back the to the same
screen that I always get that has nothing to click on here

I guess I'm not suppose to join...lol

Deanna, I thought that link would take you to the page I had opened. Please try again with the link I shared... then click on "More about Download Credits" then you should see to be able to click on "Subscribing to Pixel Scrapper"

TY TY TY Anne-Marie for thinking of my browser to be the problem.
You were correct and I have now joined!

Deana, I am so pleased to see you finally had success.

Let us know if you run into any more issues Deana! You can send us an email also: [email protected]

@Anne-Marie: Thanks for helping out!

I just subscribed yesterday. Love this site!! Keep up the great work!!!!

Thank you all! smiley

for anyone having trouble finding the subscribe link, here's a screenshot.

Just subscribed for the first time!

I'm a subscriber now and will be for the next years.
This site is great and all of you are amazing smiley

I have been a subscriber since 2016 and will continue to do so. I don't get to join the challenges however try to do some scrapbook pages most weeks of our grandson. I have just shared Pixel Scrapper facebook and encouraged by digi friends to subscribe as well.