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Hybrid Gallery Now Open

I'm pleased to announce that the gallery is now open for HYBRID LAYOUTS!

All you need to do to upload a hybrid layout is follow the same method you would for a regular digital layout, but now there is a check box for either digital or hybrid.

There is also a filter on the gallery page to view either digital or hybrid layouts (it currently defaults to everything).

For now I have defined a hybrid layout here as a layout that includes items you have printed out and added to a paper layout. This definition is up for refining as we go forward. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

Also, for now the hybrid gallery is limited to only layouts (defined here as you know it when you see it smiley ).

Can't wait to see your hybrid layouts!

I have a question - I'm trying to get all my 15 layouts done & posted for the winter challenge (trust me to wait until the last week... smiley ) which means I don't have time right now to print them, cut them up, lay them out, AND photograph them so I've been posting what I call my previews (digital layouts that have no drop shadows; I remove the backgrounds & then print them). Since these are done digitally (but don't have drop shadows or anything to finish them) but will be hybrid, what should I post them as?!

PS It feels really good to be making progress on completing my December Daily - believe it or not, this will be the very first album I (might/should) actually finish.

ETA - I'm putting them up as hybrid with an explanation of what they are.

How fun! I am so curious about hybrid scrapping and excited to see examples of it in our gallery.

With the addition of hybrid as a category I think it could be cool to include decorated planner pages, greeting cards, and other non-layout creations that are still within the "things printed out on paper and attached to other paper" genre. I say this mostly because I'm really curious to see how people are using digital supplies to create these types of things, so that I can have a sense of what kinds of hybrid projects people might use my designs for and can design accordingly.

Awesome! Most of my hybrid stuff isn't a layout, it's planner or cards, but it's exciting to be able to see hybrid layouts in the gallery!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! TY!

so cool! and though i don't do hybrid, it's still exciting nevertheless

I'm a card maker rather than a scrapper, so I use papers and elements from here (as well as from other sources) which I print out and use to make my cards. I would love to be able to show these in the gallery!

Would love cards to be included too, as I have loved the digital supplies I get from here, I make, maybe 1 or 2 layouts a year, but a lot more cards.

so cool, thanks!

Lovely! It would be awesome if you'd also open a gallery for "other" creations. Most of my work isn't actually scrapbook layouts.

I'm a hybrid/planner/calendar creative! I cannot wait to see what you all have cookin'! smiley

I love it. This is something I always wanted to try, but I have not enough confidence to start. But now I see the possibilities. It inspired me, and I made mine first!:D

How do I see the gallery? can't find it

@Paula: If you go to the gallery, you will see that the first filter on the left will let you select only hybrid layouts.

Hi Marisa,
Okay, so I was able to download three sets of elements. What would you like me to do with them? I'm new to this so you may have to walk me through smiley

what a Great addition to the site!!! smiley

@Paula: You can leave any questions you have in the private Creative Team Forum.