IMPORTANT: Database corruption, last 28 hours lost

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Thank goodness is was a computer glitch! I thought I was losing my mind when I posted in two places and a few hours later it was like i was never there! I hate that this happened to you Jordan and Pixel Scrapper, but I am happy to learn that I still have control of my facilities (it is easy at my age to think the worst!) I am now a happy camper! smiley

Thanks all for the support and understanding!

So sorry you had to go through such a frustrating experience. All of your hard work (and Marisa's) is very much appreciated! smiley

I'm not sure if this is related to this, but did the database corruption also wipe out some of the data that tracks which items we've already downloaded. I noticed on a few products that it doesn't show that I downloaded them, but I do have them. This one is an example: My file properties show I downloaded this Feb 21, 2013. Just curious if this was part of the problem so that I know to check what I have so I'm not getting a double...

So I was just checking my stash, against what I was going to download today and I notice there are a lot (I mean A LOT) that aren't recorded as being downloaded, but I do have them. I have some duplicates, so I think that its probably because they aren't showing that I've already downloaded them, I downloaded them again, thinking I didn't have them. Have you changed the names of some files? There should be a warning when I'm downloading that I already have a file by that name and I haven't changed any of the file names of stuff I've downloaded from here.

@Cat: Hm... the database corruption issue should only affect files you downloaded in the 28 hours before I restored the database.

If you're having issues with items you downloaded before that (which sounds like the case), please see and post in this support request thread:

If there's an issue on this end, I will certainly work to get it fixed.