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Join Jessica's Creative Team

Just letting you all know that Jessica is having a creative team call. Join her team and enjoy working with her amazing designs!

See her blog post here for more details and to apply.

Thanks for the heads up!

thank Marisa , and thank Jessica, I answered the CT call! smiley smiley smiley

Yaay Jessica! Good luck!

How exciting! Good luck with your new creative team Jessica!

Good Luck with your call ~ your design is awesome

Jessica, I've never been on a Creative Team, so I have no idea how I'd be at it. But, I do love your designs. So, I sent an application. Thanks for the possible opportunity! smiley

Thank you all! smiley

@Lisel - no worries, its all new to me as well, altho there have been some lovely ladies who have been giving me advice in that direction. smiley And I've never been on a Creative Team myself. Thanks so much for applying!

I'm really looking forward to having the opportunity to work with a Creative Team!

I wish there would have been a little "notes" section on the application only because I wanted to mention that my layouts are usually clean/simple which doesn't always really 'show off' a Kit's full potential (however I usually tend to make more than 1 layout per kit). I realize you'll be able to see that when you browse galleries of those who you are interested in, though I felt like a notes section may have saved you time. Your designs are lovely so I'm sure you'll get a big pool to choose from! Good luck with the new adventure!

Best of luck everyone!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!

Yes! Bonne chance à tous !!! smiley

what a wonderful opportunity! good luck Jess smiley

My best wishes ti the new team smiley

good luck Jess smiley smiley

I can see the applications piling up for your CT, Jessica! smiley What a great opportunity. Good luck and congrats! smiley