Just 18 more supporters needed to add a new designer!

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Just 18 more supporters needed to add a new designer!

Just a quick update on the donation drive that we're working on to raise support to add a new designer to the Pixel Scrapper team:

So far 57 people have donated to help us add Jessica Dunn as a new designer at Pixel Scrapper. That's a bit less than we were hoping for, but we've decided to modify our goal to 75 new supporters total, and extend the deadline to January 15th (some members have indicated that they would prefer to donate after receiving paychecks in January).

So that means that we just need 18 more supporters in order to add Jessica to our team! If you appreciate Pixel Scrapper, and can help us reach that goal, we're very thankful!

Help us add a new designer! Click Here to Become a 2016 Supporter

(If you missed it, see our original announcement regarding the donation drive here).

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far!

Oh my, I hope that PS can make the goal. It would be so nice if Jessica Dunn could be added to the team! I'll keep my fingers crossed. smiley

I clicked on bronze to support and it took me to paypal, had me sign in, then nothing?

thank you for extending the deadline!! smiley

Please, please help Jessica Dunn become the newest Pixel Scrapper designer!!! P.L.E.A.S.E!!

Hi Bren, I think it wanted you to choose your payment method. Please try again, or select contact in order to message Marisa, and she'll help you. smiley Thank you for wanting to get the new designer aboard!

I really wanted to opt for the Gold supporter but I am going to be out of work at the end of the month. I hope my Bronze goes some way to helping get over the line smiley

I did send in a donation, I have a supporter tag under my avatar, so I think I did it right, didn't I? I hope so.

Constance, you did do it correctly! This is great, I'm hoping that Jessica can come aboard.

Thanks so much to all of you who have donated! We are very close to our 75 supporter goal: we just need 3 more people at this point!

Just donated this AM! hadn't been on in a while. Hopefully I made the deadline!

I would donate a second time if I could, but I just can't afford it right now! smiley

Hi Robyn, I accidentally did donate two times. LOL. The first one was a bronze, and then my sweet mom gave me the money for the gold. I hope we can get Jessica aboard as a PS designer. Only 3 more to go, that's terrific! Hopefully PS can beat that goal since there is still a couple of days left. smiley

It was my pleasure to donate at the silver level. Hope it helps!

I just donated at silver - hope you reach the goal smiley

Yay! I hope that we made it. smiley smiley

We just hit our Supporter goal! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! We will be announcing Jessica "officially" as a new member of our design team very soon. smiley

That's awesome! Wish I could've given more, but I'm glad you guys hit the goal! Can't wait to "meet" Jessica! smiley