Kits and Download Credits and Donating

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Kits and Download Credits and Donating

Just to offer a few thoughts / clarify a few things regarding kits and download credits:

Because kits are generally large zip files which include many assets and/or templates, we will not be able to offer them for less than 10 download credits, which means that most people will not be able to download them without making a donation. The cost of the storage and transfer for such large files is simply too high to allow us to give them away for free to hundreds/thousands of daily visitors.

That being said, almost every item that is included in a kit will also be made available "for free" individually here on Pixel Scrapper (generally a little while after the kit is uploaded): our intention is not at all to "force" people to donate. Rather, I see the ability to download a whole kit as a "bonus" for people who support the site (and note that kits will always be offered at a "discount" of download credits when compared to the total DC needed to download each item individually).

For those on a tight budget, keep in mind that there is also the chance to win large amounts of download credits by joining one of our challenges.

Also realize that the number of DC required to download items is still very much in flex: we are in the process of analyzing our costs, and determining how much we can offer for free, and still survive. Please be aware that we pay directly for each and every download that goes through our system, regardless of whether someone has donated.

Our intention with this site remains to offer as much as we possibly can for free, to give generously and inspire creativity, and also to try and allow the site to exist financially (and hopefully offer designers reasonable compensation for their designs), through our donation system. If you like the system, then please do donate, but don't feel compelled!

Feel free to offer any thoughts or feedback on the system, or ask for clarifications. As always, your support is very much appreciated!

Are there any kits for 10 DC? Or do you mean each part of a kit, i.e., the elements, the clusters, a group of papers?


Cindy you will have to look through the kits, you will finds a few that are less and 10 DC, but for the most part most of them are more than 10

Thanks, Judy!

Just a couple of points for clarification. So even if we have enough download credits per day, for example the 9 or 10 that the kit is being advertised to buy at (CU) we still can't download them unless we donate? And if we do donate, how long would our ability to download kits last? Just for the amount of extra download credits we get? For example, I currently have 9 download credits per day and most of the kits I want to download are 9 credits but the system will not allow me the access to download them anymore unless I donate. If I donate $5, would that only allow me to download 5 kits if they were 10 CU credits each and then it would be back to the same way as before that even if I have the right number of credits it will deny me until I donate again? I just want to get it all straight before I decide what to do.

Thanks in advance for your help.

@Lisa You have the opportunity to donate $5, $10 or $20. With each you get a certain number of DCs that last until you use them. I have only donated $20 because you get 200 DC and a bonus 50 DC for donating that much. In my mind that is the best "deal." For $5 you get 50 DC and $10 you get 100 Dc. You can use as many or as little as you want. If you want a kit for 18 DC then you could use your 9 daily DC and 9 from the say 250 you got for donating. Then too, if you wanted five kits on one day you could use your 9 daily DC and the rest from the DCs that you got when you donated. You are in total control of how you use the donated credits. You can go here for all the details:


@Lisa: thanks for asking for clarification--it's a great help to know what's confusing, and where we need to improve our communication!

To answer your question: if you donate any amount you will receive access to kit downloads forever, using either free daily credits, or credits you get from donating. It's not a temporary thing smiley .

Do let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions!

Thanks for the tips Janet and thank you so much for the clarification Jordan. That clears it up for me. I'm also glad to see that you don't have to have a Pay Pal account in order to donate. I have had so many problems with sites using Pay Pal not allowing me to sign out with a credit card as a guest but when I clicked the donate button to check it all out tonight, it looks like the way you have Pay Pal set up on the site, it should allow me to donate this way.

Now I just have to budget the donation in, so hopefully I'll be able to do so in the next couple months. You guys have an amazing site and I would love to be able to donate all the time, unfortunately our financial situation doesn't allow me to do so. I will do what I can when I can though.