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Kit changes + full bundle downloads

As an experiment, Marisa and I lowered the download credit cost of kits a while back. Since then, we've decided that the pricing is a bit too low: some kits have end up costing fewer download credits than some individual items to download, which doesn't seem right! The other issue is that kit file sizes are generally quite large, and we've been serving more downloads than we can sustain, given the number of donations we've received.

Because of the large file sizes and the cost of bandwidth and storage space, the idea behind full kit downloads has always been that they are a kind of "bonus", or "thank you" for people who donate: others are free to download kit items individually as they become available, which is less of a strain on our resources. Almost ALL kit items show up on the site for individual download at some point, so even people who never donate can effectively download entire kits for free over the course of several days using their free credits.

All this is to say that we will be raising the number of download credits required to download kits. Kits will still be offered at a substantial download credit discount of 50% (so downloading a kit will require approximately half the number of download credits it would take to download all the kit items individually). We are also considering reserving full kit downloads for people who have helped support the site by donating. (You can donate now by visiting our donation page, if you'd like. For as little as $5 you can help keep this site going!).

The good news, for those of you who want to maximize the download credits you receive from donating, is that I am in the process of implementing full bundle downloads! For the time being, full bundles will be offered at a huge 75% discount in download credits: so you will be able to download a full bundle for 1/4 of what the items would cost you in download credits if downloaded individually.

These changes will be gradually rolled out as per my last announcement: some people will see the new prices and full bundle downloads right away; others won't see the changes for a week or two.

As always, our goal remains to be as generous as we can with our downloads and licenses, without going bankrupt. As always, we want to make sure that everyone is aware of any changes that happen on the site, and the motivation behind them. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks for being part of Pixel Scrapper!

Thank you for all you do!!

good to know! Thanks smiley)

I'm gonna go and see what I CAN see. Like a treasure hunt. xoxox Beth

I love the option to go ahead and purchase a whole kit at once! Thanks for providing that. smiley

Jordan, I was just wondering if all our layout uploads are part of some of the "costs of storage space"?
If so, would it be beneficial at some point for us to have a way to take down our older layouts?
Just wondering about some of the behind the scenes things.

Sound like a wonderful way to handle the bundles. Thank you!

You guys truly are very, very generous in time, effort and talent. This is an awesome site and I always look forward to seeing what's new. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much. I really appreciate your kindness.

Thanks for all you do!

I'm looking forward to finding the revised pricing! Thank you!

Thanks for being so generous with your time and creativity!

Thanks for the encouragement everyone smiley.

@Laura: Thanks for the idea. The layouts do cost a bit to host, but since they don't get downloaded like the other files, the cost isn't very high compared to everything else. So no, I wouldn't worry about layouts for now -- it's great to be able to be inspired by everyone's creativity smiley

Wow, thanks Jordan. I like the idea of the discounts for the bundles since I tend to get them all anyway, which doesn't really help you, in the long run. Thanks for the info and keeping us in the loop!

Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for the updated info and for all you do.

Thanks for the updates and for all of your hard work! You folks are incredible! smiley

"some people will see the new prices and full bundle downloads right away; others won't see the changes for a week or two."

Jordan, it's been over 3 weeks, and I still don't see the full bundle downloads. Is there something wrong or the changes just haven't reached my area yet?


Forgot to post a follow up here, but just wanted to make a note that this change has been fully rolled out: everyone who has donated should now be able to download full bundles.

Thank you, Jordan! A few days after I posted here, I saw the changes.

See the changes, still saving up to donate, although very excited for when i do.