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Kits Now Available!

Jordan has been working furiously over the last several days to create Kits, and he has succeeded! It required some rather clever maneuvering, but luckily he was up to the task!

Right now I just have the Birds in Snow kits up, and I'll slowly be adding more. There are 4 Birds in Snow Kits which make up the Birds in Snow Bundle, which will soon be offered at a discount. From an earlier discussion in the forums we took away that people liked both to be able to purchase kits separately and together, so you'll be able to choose exactly what you want, including our old method of downloading each asset individually.

Like with everything else on the site, kits are in process, so things like DC cost, etc. are somewhat fluid, and may change from time to time.

If you have any feedback on our kits implementation so far, or encounter any problems, please let us know!

EDIT: for some thoughts regarding kits and download credits and the donation system, please see this post.

This site just gets better and better smiley

Good news indeed!

love this kit!!

So exciting!! Thanks for getting this feature going!

I'm so excited to see the way you and Jordan are growing your site!! I love your art and appreciate your generosity!!

First time I've been able to watch a site such as this one grow. I hope it doesn't become complicated like others.

thank you, Marisa and Jordan for all the work you do for this site. What a great team you make - Marisa, so creative and Jordan, so clever in getting this site up and running.

Thanks guys!

Thanks to some feedback from Shawna, I've posted a few thoughts and clarifications about kits and download credits (and the donation system) here.

This is a wonderful news smiley But one thing i miss is the part when i could watch the whole kit and then click to be directed to all the assets in that kit... That was sooo useful smiley

Jessica, did you notice the "see more" link available on the kits page? That will show you all the assets in the kit (at least all that have been uploaded so far).

If you want to see everything that is in the whole bundle, you can go to the bundle page, and click "see more" under the example layouts, and then click to see all the items, which will take you to a page like this.

As Marisa gets her other kits uploaded, you will be able to do the same for all of them smiley. In the meantime, you can still browse using the kit tags on the assets page, which will show you everything with a given kit tag, just like before.

THANK YOU smiley Don't think i ever thought of that befor smiley

An other thought... Is Alphabets gonna be avalible one by one? Cause like in the Bird kit we already got one from the fansite on Facebook smiley And it feels unnessesary to pay for one i already have smiley

Actually, the one on Facebook wasn't the entire alpha, I think it was just upper case. And since I haven't been able to have my alphas on the site, I could only use them as freebies. I'll probably have to come up with a new system now.

But I've started this thread to get some more input on alphas.

This is a beautiful kit!