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Lazy loading images

Just a quick announcement to say that I've just implemented "lazy loading" images at Pixel Scrapper. You've probably noticed the little spinning icons as you've browsed the site.

This change should help the site load faster generally, and also make it possible for us to have more items on the front page, and on the browse and search pages.

Let me know what you think of the change, and if you experience any problems with the new system.

Jordan, yesterday shortly before you posted, I signed into the website, and yes I was seeing "lazy loading". Actually I was experiencing no loading of images, must have been my system though, being so slow.

What I really wanted to report though was that when I signed in, my system was not giving me a secure site. The lock beside the https:// was not secure. After seeing your post though I re-entered the site, and found it secure. Today as well, I was able to sign in to a secure site.

Thanks for the improvements, I'm sure I'll be seeing the benefits of a faster load! smiley

Thanks for the report, Laura: there was a slight issue with the secure site login yesterday, but it should be fixed. If anyone is seeing an "insecure" message when trying to log in, try clearing your browser cache, or pressing Ctr + F5 to force a resend and refresh of the page.

Jordan, Just wanted to let you know that I am unable to upload to the gallery this afternoon. I did so earlier today with no problem and downloading seems okay also. I've signed out, shut down the browser (Firefox 24.0), and re-signed in but to no avail. No need for it any more today, so I'll try tomorrow and see if the computer magic has fixed it.

Thanks for the heads up, Harriett. If you're still experiencing trouble tomorrow, please try and take a screenshot of any error messages or blank screens that you receive. Thanks!

Upload worked fine today. Just for future information, there were no messages or blank screens yesterday. The screen simply blinked, the "processing" note went away, and nothing happened.