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Thanks Melo! Your blog is looking great. I've given some community points.

@Marisa/Jordan: Do our statistics as far as google seem to be picking back up? Are we building momentum up yet??? Just thinking about that graph Jordan shared way back in the beginning... smiley

Hi Shawna: it's slow going, but the search impressions are gradually building back up. It looks like it's going to take some time to get back to where we were, but we've decided that we're okay with that, as it gives us more time to work on the beta, fix problems, etc., while the site still has relatively fewer visitors smiley

Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped by posting links!

pros and cons... silver lining on a dark cloud... smiley glad it's improving but agree maybe good to get most of the kinks ironed out before we get "really" busy smiley

Just wanted to let you guys and gals know that I have the Pixel Scrapper Blog Button on my right side bar towards the top of my blog site. My site it

@Laurie: Thanks! I've given you 30 community points.

I don't blog but I will make it a point to share your Facebook posts. That is how I found you and I really like your site and products. The power of Facebook!


I just saw this....and added your button to my blog!

@Mendie: Thanks! I've given you 30 community points.

Thanks for the button! plan on placing the button on my blog´s sidebar.

I am new here,but don't mind helping at all.

I can do that. smiley

Took me a while, but I figured out how to put your button & link in my blog @ Plavnick-Wellinghoff Studios .... But I think I've gotten it now, of course most of my traffic is coming from here, but hopefully Google will link the links back.

@Laura: Thanks! I've given you 30 community points.

Not sure if you still need the plugs - but I put you guys out everywhere! Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, my blog, lol! It's hard not to share a good thing. You guys are great and I love this site. Just got around to putting your button up today. smiley

Thanks Amanda! I gave you 30 community points.