Live Scrapbook & Chat: Friday 4/10 @ 1:30 CST

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Live Scrapbook & Chat: Friday 4/10 @ 1:30 CST

Join us for a live scrapbook and chat this Friday, April 10 at 1:30pm CST (6:30pm GMT). Prepare whatever project you're working on currently (optional) and join us via Zoom for a casual community chat. The link and details for joining the meeting are posted below the image. We'll also have support standing by at the time of the chat if you need assistance getting connected. Just leave your questions and issues here. Also let us know if you're planning on attending. We had a fun time last time, more chat happened than scrapbooking. We'll see what this week brings.

Here's the link to the meeting:
Password: pixel

If you're registered with Zoom you can click on the link now to add it to your schedule, otherwise join us on Friday the 10th!

I'm in! smiley

Would love to join in but I will still be at work (If I'm doing the math right... I think that's 11:30 am in Washington, USA?)

If my Adult Child is not needing care, I am in.

I will be there. When I click on the link, it's asking for a password. Am I doing it right?

Do you have a Zoom account? I think it just wants you to log in.

@Shell: Yes, that's right. Hopefully we can try an evening chat sometime too.

Apparently Zoom changed their settings over the weekend and you do need a password. The password is pixel.

Thanks, Marisa! I'll be there. It's on my calendar. So EXCITED!!!

Hi, Tina. I just created an account yesterday when I saw the thread. When I clicked on the link, it asked me for a p/w to get into the room. I've never done Zoom before, is it hard?

It should be pretty easy Deborah! The password for the meeting is pixel.

I think I'll be there, if all goes well.

Thanks, Marisa! I'm excited to be coming. I did see in another post about the password. I'm all set now.

I'm not sure what things will be like; I work until 11, then lunch, so if it's not complete chaos, I'm in!

I think I can do this - count me in!

I will attend this too cheers

Looking forward to it!

OK, I’m joining in as well!

There are 8 so far!

Thanks everyone for coming! Had a great time chatting with all of you.

Join us next week (and the 24th) for another fun chat.

Also, stop by for some question and answer time with me and Sharon-Dewi on Wednesday.

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