Looking for a Few QC Team Members

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Looking for a Few QC Team Members

I'm looking for a few people to join my QC team.

If you've applied in the past and are still interested, please apply again. But note that we've changed a few things recently in how the system works.

Position Requirements

  1. Check over my new kits for quality issues. Report back in a timely manner. This will likely take a few hours a week when I'm actively designing. I tend to design in chunks. So you'll get a bunch of assignments, and then I'll take a few month design break.
  2. Familiarity with the QC process is a must. I'm looking for things like stray pixels, spelling mistakes, and other anomalies.
  3. I'm most familiar with Photoshop, so it's preferred that you have access to this program and can use it.
  4. If you're on the QC team, and also want to make layouts with the Creative Team, that's cool too.

Position Benefits

  1. Unlimited CU access to all of my designs.
  2. A "creative team" badge to show off in the forums.
  3. Be a key member of the Pixel Scrapper team.
  4. Help keep the Pixel Scrapper vision alive and strong.

How to Apply
Please apply using this form (select "PS Team Application from the drop down).

  1. Your involvement at Pixel Scrapper.
  2. How you plan to make time for this position.
  3. Feel free to share your experience working with a team, or other experience you think will be helpful.

I'd love that, I will fill out the form!
I really love this website and the whole atmosphere here smiley

Hi Marisa,

Would this also included scrapping? I ask because you listed "must be a key member of the Pixel Scrapper team". I'm interested in helping out any way I can.

Looking forward to your response.


@Jenna: Making layouts is optional for the QC team. They often have their hands full just making it though all the QCing.

@Marisa : Hi !
I'm just wondering how would we be contacted exactly ?

Thank you !

Audrée smiley

Can't seem to bring up the form from the link! I'd like to give this a shot.

@Audree: I sent you an email on Monday.

Do you have any slots available?

I think my team is okay for the moment Gina, but I'll keep you in mind!

Thanks for replying Marisa. smiley

Hey Marisa, I applied a few weeks ago but I haven’t heard anything as of yet..... really hoping I can be considered ✌🏼

Sorry Billie. These positions were filled a while ago.

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