Looking for additional forum moderators

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Looking for additional forum moderators

As the site is growing and changing, we've decided to make a few changes to the forums. We will be closing and merging a couple forums (see this thread), as well as looking for new moderators. If you would like to apply, see below.

(If you have already applied to be an upload helper, feel free to apply for a moderator position as well: we will only select people for one position or the other, but applying for both will increase your chances of getting a position.)

Moderator Expectations:

1. Be familiar with the way Pixel Scrapper works (see the support pages, and make sure everything there is clear to you), and with the forum guidelines and profile expectations.

2. Be an active participant in the forum you are moderating. This includes reading all posts in your forum (generally speaking), replying to posts frequently, and initiating new threads if things seem quiet (and generally when you have a good idea for a new thread smiley ).

  • We expect you to generally be able to log into the site a few times a week.
  • If your forum(s) become too active for you to manage, let us know and we can split forums and/or find additional moderators as needed.
  • If you have the time and energy, you are also very welcome to interact and help out in any of the other Pixel Scrapper forums.

3. Gently but firmly enforce Pixel Scrapper’s forum guidelines and point people to our profile expectations when necessary:

  • We have zero tolerance for spamming and meanness: if you find someone being mean and/or spamming, you should let us know about the problem so that we can ban the user in question.
  • Regarding the profile expectations, if people post without a profile picture or a full name, you can use their personal contact form to point them nicely to the profile expectations page (remember that real names are not required: people are welcome to use a pseudonym if they are uncomfortable using their real name). If you find yourself reminding someone about profile expectations more than once, you can let us know, and we'll be in contact with the user.

4. Keep your forum organized.

  • Move misplaced posts to the correct forum (e.g. support requests should be moved to the support forum, feature requests to the feature request forum, etc.). A “shadow copy” should generally be left for any topic that is moved.
  • Redundant threads should be discouraged: if someone starts a new thread for a topic that is already being discussed, the thread should be closed, and they should be pointed to the already active topic.
  • Help threads to stay generally on-topic, and encourage people to start a new thread if they want to move off-topic.

5. For technical and software specific forums, you are expected to have enough knowledge of the program (or technical topic) to answer questions and/or guide people to other helpful resources.

6. If something comes up and you are not going to be able to log into the site for a few days (a vacation, etc.), let us know so that we can get another moderator to fill in for you while you're gone.

  • Related to this: if can no longer fulfill your moderating duties, or no longer want to, please inform us as soon as possible, so that we can find someone to take on your duties.

List of Positions

Note: Priority will be given to existing moderators.

Chit Chat (2 positions)
Facilitate discussion and keep things organized.

Digital Scrapbooking Discussion (2 positions)
Facilitate discussion and keep things organized.

Challenges (2 positions or more)
Participate in the challenges and forum threads. Help promote the challenges around the web. Please specify if you would like to do layout challenges or designer challenges.

Freebies (1 position)
Keep up with monthly freebie threads (post a new "freebies around the web" thread every month, like this one) and make sure everyone follows the freebie forum guidelines.

Software Specific Questions (1 position)
We are planning to probably merge our Photoshop and PaintShop Pro forums into a single forum (for now) where people can get help with various software-specific questions, whether they be for Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements, PSP, GIMP, etc.

Support (1 position)
We're looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of Pixel Scrapper, who can help answer general support questions that they know the answer to (confusions regarding download credits, how donating works, etc.), as well as move feature requests, etc. to the appropriate forum. This will be a huge help to Jordan as he tries to make more time for working on new site features and improvements (he really appreciates how some of you have already been helping out in the support forum, but it seems like it might be nice to have someone "on duty" there as well).

Moderator Perks

  1. A free unlimited download subscription to Pixel Scrapper (PU & CU)
  2. A "supporter" badge to show off in the forums, in addition to a moderator badge.
  3. Be a key member of the Pixel Scrapper team.
  4. Help keep the Pixel Scrapper vision alive.

How to Apply

Using this contact form, please submit the following:

  1. Your involvement at Pixel Scrapper.
  2. Why you would like to be a moderator.
  3. How you plan to make time for this position.
  4. List of three or four moderator positions that you are interested in, in order of preference.
  5. Feel free to share your experience working with a team, or other experience you think will be helpful.
  6. Mention "bamboo" in your application so I know that you read and understood all the directions smiley.