Unlimited downloading: looking for first subscribers

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Oh thank you jordan for the update smiley

I think that's a great idea... Wish I had 50 community points smiley

Hi there,

I think the $10 a month commercial unlimited d/l option is fantastic and makes a lot of sense, however i do not trust paypal.

Is there a timeline of when you think you may be able to offer it as a direct debit/credit card option? or perhaps an annual fee of $120 (commercial use) that automatically allows the donor to download whatever within the year?

p.s I only discovered this about a month ago and i love it!


I am ready, ready, ready! Tell me where to sign up and I am there!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be early adopters on this.

We now have enough early adopters to see how things go. If everything goes well, we will open up subscriptions to everyone in the near future.

Thanks again.


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