Looking for New Upload Helpers

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Looking for New Upload Helpers

We're currently looking for one more upload helper to help Janet upload her designs to the site. It's also likely that we'll need some more help in the next couple of months, so if you don't hear from me right away, I will save your email for future needs.

Position Requirements

  1. Able to consistently work a couple hours per week uploading and tagging designs.
  2. Fast internet connection is beneficial.
  3. Ability to follow directions.
  4. Be in communication with Pixel Scrapper designers.
  5. Flexibility, as initially we'll still be working out the "how to" details of this position.

Position Benefits

  1. A free unlimited download subscription to Pixel Scrapper (PU & CU) (We'll refund a subscription if you've recently purchased one)
  2. A supporter badge to show off in the forums.
  3. Be a key member of the Pixel Scrapper team.
  4. Help keep the Pixel Scrapper vision alive.

How to Apply
Using this contact form, please submit the following:

  1. Your involvement at Pixel Scrapper.
  2. How you plan to make time for this position.
  3. Feel free to share your experience working with a team, or other experience you think will be helpful.
  4. Mention "sweet tea" in your application so I know that you read and understood all the directions smiley.

Since this is a new position, we'll start out with a month-long trial period to make sure things are working out for both you and us.

I know I already help moderate but I'd definitely be willing to help upload as well smiley


I would be very interested. I am sending in my information

Sent my info yesterday, fingers crossed smiley

Thanks for all the great applications everyone! I've made my choice for now (Congrats Catherine!), but don't be surprised if you hear from me in the future about helping out. I've kept all your emails on file so I know where to look!

Congrats Catherine!

Congrats Catherine!
I know you will be a great help for PS!

Hi Marisa,

I am not sure if you still need help with this, but I would be happy to help. Just keep me in mind for the next time something like this comes up.