Looking to Add a Few New Moderators: Come Join Us!

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Looking to Add a Few New Moderators: Come Join Us!

Pixel Scrapper has been around for a while now, and most of the awesome moderators we have now have been with us since the beginning. I thought it might be fun to add a few new moderators to the team. We rely on our moderators to keep things running and also to help inspire the community. If this sounds like something that interests you, please apply! We love to see our community members take an active role, and I'm particularly looking for people who have ideas of fun conversations and activities we can do in the forums. If you're applying please let me know what forum you're interested in moderating and what ideas you have for that space.

Position Requirements

  1. Able to consistently work 3-5 hours per week reading, replying and creating forum posts.
  2. Familiarity with the Pixel Scrapper community and how it works.
  3. Ideas for keeping the forums fun and interesting.
  4. Friendliness!

Position Benefits

  1. A free unlimited download subscription to Pixel Scrapper (PU & CU) (We'll refund a subscription if you've recently purchased one)
  2. A supporter badge to show off in the forums.
  3. Be a key member of the Pixel Scrapper team.
  4. Help keep the Pixel Scrapper vision alive.

How to Apply
Please apply using this form (select "PS Team Application from the drop down).

  1. Your involvement at Pixel Scrapper.
  2. How you plan to make time for this position.
  3. The forum you're interested in moderating and the ideas you have for it.

The moderation community is simply amazing smiley looking forward to see who will be joining in smiley

YES ! I sent my answer smiley smiley

I would love to apply however I am moving this month so its a bad time for me but once we're done I will have more time. smiley

Definitely send in a note when you're ready Melissa!


What a great opportunity for those that have the time. I wish I had spare time because I would definitely apply if I did. I love the Pixel Scrapper community, even if I'm new to it.

Yay! I sent a note!

I am new here but would love to do this as I am very creative and have lots of ideas and games and fun things that I could have going and things to get this going and lots of ideas for posts xoxo

Happy to help smiley

@Marisa, are you still looking for moderators?

I'm a newbie and i am checking the forums every few hours. I would love to be a moderator - if I am allowed. Thanks.

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