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Mobile-Friendly Site Updates

Hello everybody! smiley

As some of you have already started to notice, we've been phasing in some tweaks to the site's design for mobile and tablet to help it be more usable for those of you who like to browse around on devices other than laptops or computers.

As with every time we make an update to the site, we really appreciate it if you'd let us know what's working and what's not when it comes these changes, or if you come across any major issues.

As always, thank you so much for your kind spirits and flexibility as we work to make Pixel Scrapper the best that it can be! smiley

Yay! I'll be keeping an eye out smiley Thanks for all your hard work!

I was noticing the changes - and I like them! Thank you!

I like them too, makes navigation so much easier. I just can't see notifications on my phone (Android, Samsung Galaxy S8). I like to check on the forums to see when people have responded to the challenges. I just switch to "desktop site" though.

Thanks, I will keep a look out too. It's always great to have user feed back with changes and so far I haven't had any issues. smiley

Thanks, Thani, for all your work! It is appreciated!

Thanks, Thani, for all your work smiley

This is an awesome additon!!!

Thanks, Thani! Guess that explains why my phone’s version has winged out!

Vote for making the forum Tapatalk friendly, please!!! smiley

Thanks for all you do to make it easier for us to use.

Thani - when I open the site to the home page on my laptop, I see what looks like a mobile site with everything against the left margin & lots of white on the right side. Also, what used to be the right hand column (the various popular downloads) are now at the top of the page. Is this what I should be seeing? All the other pages (well, the ones I've opened) look about the same as they always have so I'm curious to know whether they are still on the older template or have been tweaked for mobile.

And, much as I appreciate the work you're doing to make PS work for mobile users, I find the new home page template really awkward on my laptop, both to view & to use. Rather than having Marisa's blog posts being at the top (which made a really nice landing area), I have the line of social media icons with the popular downloads directly under that. If someone who is new to PS doesn't know there's lot of great info below all this (after a fair amount of scrolling), you might go right to the rest of the site via the menu, or might close the site completely.

I've done web design & know the work that goes into it to make everything work for different browsers, OS's, & devices so I really hate saying anything not completely complimentary but I really think the home page needs to look less like a mobile on laptops & desktops.

One other thing - there's a lot of scrolling now to get to the download button. Would it be possible to move the download button up next to the heart this button? Or somewhere closer to the top of the page? It's really far down on some download pages & while it's not a huge issue, it is an annoying one.

And my, aren't I a Debbie Downer about all this - sorry about that.

I'll add to it too...

On Android (Samsung Galaxy Note 5), the site used to display 3 columns that were resizable for the Gallery page and now it is a fixed size and one column that can't be resized (pinched) and I notice it hides the notifications icon at the top of the page as well.

We appreciate the feedback, Sarah! I'll see if there's something I can do about some of that. The 'weird' version of the home site you're seeing just has to do with the awkwardness of break points on that particular page - some of the other's it's not as difficult to get a good break. It's all been updated pretty much at this point. I'll see if I can tweak that.

Hi Tina - which Gallery page are you referring to? The general browse page? Or when you're looking at a particular layout?

Notifications should now be able to be accessed on mobile devices / smaller screens, and @Sarah I hopefully fixed that annoying white space for you!