New Alpha Asset Type & Template Changes

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New Alpha Asset Type & Template Changes

A few quick updates:

Alpha Assets

We have added a new alpha asset category. After some thinking and discussion, it seemed to make the most sense to offer a single alpha as an asset and then offer a group of similar alphas as a kit. Example:



Despite the fact that assets are usually only a single item, I felt that it made more sense to offer alphas as assets instead of making people buy the whole set, or offering lots of mini alpha kits with one color each. I always want people to be able to download exactly what they want, without getting a lot of extra stuff they aren't interested in, and this seemed the best way to do that.

For now an alpha asset will cost 4 DC for personal use and 6 DC for commercial use. Downloading multiple alphas in a kit will be a better deal, so if you want them all it's better to download the kit.

Side note: I don't actually set any kit prices, they are all calculated based on the number of items with a set discount.

Template "Price" Change

We have also decided to change the "price" of Templates with an attached PSD file to 3 DC for personal use and 5 DC for commercial use. This simply seemed to make sense, given the fact that templates with attached PSD files are generally much larger and more elaborate than PNG templates. If you are interested in lots of templates, I will eventually be offering them in kits so you can get a reduced price. I've already added several paper template kits, and more are on the way.

that makes sense. Thanks!

Marisa, Thank you so much for splitting the alpha set up. Great idea, and yes it makes perfect sense for the template DC change. As usual, love your work! Beth

Oh yay! I am so glad you did this. I was over here whining to myself that I didn't have enough points for this GREAT alpha set!

Thank you!

I appreciate your templates so much and the 5 DC is fair. Your idea on the alphas seems right on. Thanks for everything.

So excited to see the alphas in as a unit for each color so we can get the colors we want as needed... Thanks! smiley