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New Class Opportunity

With the announcements about the new Patron status at Pixel Scrapper, we've been alluding to new opportunities. I'm excited to let you know that I'm ready to get one of those started!

I've been thinking and planning to start some classes here at Pixel Scrapper. They are highly rated on our feature requests forum, and I also love the idea of sharing some of the things I've picked up over the years. However, figuring out how exactly to teach what I know in my brain has been a bigger struggle that I was anticipating! But I've gotten lots of great feedback from the community, and I think things have gelled into something that I'm really excited about!

I'm going to start with a Designer Basics class, where I will lead you through the basics of making papers and elements. Eventually, this class will be open to all patrons, but for now I want to do a small run through to see how things work and what questions come up so I can make sure things are clear before I open it up.

This is a two part class (Papers and Elements) with each part having about 15 short lessons. Each lesson has a small assignment for you to complete at the end. The lessons are a mix of tutorials you've already seen on this site, as well as some new content I've been working on. I'm not clear on how much time this will take, that's some of the feedback I'm hoping to get from you, but I'm hoping we can get it all done in September. So if you apply, I'd just ask that you have a few hours a week you can commit to this.

This is definitely jump into the deep end and see if we can swim type of experience. So if you'd rather wait for a more polished version, please remember this is not the only chance for this opportunity.

The class assumes you have basic understanding of Photoshop, but are looking to learn the basic skills of designing for digital scrapbooking.

If you're interested in joining me for this class, and are a Pixel Scrapper Patron, you can apply via the contact form. Select "Designer Basics Class Application" from the drop down.

sounds awesome! sorry I don't have the time to devote, I'm sure it would be fun to help you work out any kinks smiley Good luck!!

Can I take it if I don't have Photoshop? I use Corel Paintshop Pro.

@Jennifer: All the tutorial are Photoshop specific, and I don't know enough about PSP to advise you otherwise. The decision is up to you and how confident you are in your ability to translate the directions.

I'm really interested in learning, but I still need to finish going through the tutorials first! Also, I use GIMP and I'm still working out the kinks (mostly the cobwebs in my brain) to translate the commands. I'll be interested to see the feedback from this class, as I may try and jump in later. As always, Marisa, thank you so much for everything you offer to this community! You rock!

I would love to take these classes but can't commit to the time in September (or most other months). Might you consider posting the lesson assignments at some later time for independent study, so to speak? I realize that many of the tuts are on site all ready but a progressive order would be very welcome.

And I use PSE11 so there will probably be many steps I couldn't do but I would still like to try the lessons that will crossover.

Thank you for all the growing and learning opportunities that you provide on PS. Love the entire site.

I'm in!

I would love to do this, but can't commit to a specific time frame to get everything done by smiley . Also, as I'm a PSE 11 user, it doesn't seem as if I would be able to do everything anyway, which is a bit disappointing. I realise that Photoshop is what you use, Marisa, so obviously that is what you will teach - maybe there is a site member who knows PSE (or other programs for that matter) who could work with you to translate the classes so that non-photoshoppers could participate?????????????

Oh, and I just thought of this - would all the classes be video-only, or would they have cheat sheets or written tutorials as backup?

I just signed up! I have been using PSP for years. I would love to finally work with Photoshop. It's just been sitting on my computer for years and I just know the basics. lol

In the future the class will be offered as a self-paced class, it's just for now that I'm running it on a schedule smiley

The classes will either be text/video or just text.

I'm glad that future classes will be self-paced, as I would definitely be interested in that! I'm really interested to see what September will bring.

Ohh this sounds so exciting! I wish I could set aside the time, but I'm going back to college next week and don't think I'll be able to. I hope this stays around though. I would love to participate!

Looking forward to the Designer Basics Class...... Sounds exciting!!!!!!

I would have loved to join. However with school holidays in Australia in September, I cannot commit to the last two weeks in September.
I would be greatly interested in the self-paced class though. What a wonderful idea.

Sounds really cool! I've been doing some designing on my own, but I've been haphazardly just looking through tutorials for whatever I need (how do I make a repeating paper? how do I make a plaid paper? how do I color outline sketches?) so I know I have a lot of gaps!

i would really like to join but iam not a patron and at this stage in my life i dont have the means /finances to afford it. i just want to say thank you for my limited downloads that i can get at this stage maybe next year i also can become a patron. thank you to al the guys that are so generous to give people like me the chance to download and enjoy some of the beautiful assets, templates etc. luv u guys

I would love to learn how to design, sign me up.

Sounds exciting and I can't wait to hear the feedback from thos who join in smiley
I'm not a patron - yet - and hope to be able to squeeze this expense in our tight budget soon : I love this place and would like to show my support that way.... if not, I'll surely manage to make a donation at some point.....
Thanks for making this place such a great one !

I'd love to sign up but the information on the contact page isn't loading (the link in your comment, Marisa, takes me to a blank page with the title "Contact"). smiley Am I the only one this is happening to?

Weird things have been going on with our internet since yesterday so I'm having trouble figuring out which problems I run into around the net are ours & which aren't.

I would love to take this class and I can commit to the month of September! I may not be able to do everything, since I only have Photoshop Elements. But I will definitely love to take this course!

I just went to the link 4 minutes ago and it was working.

Thanks, Holli - I guess it's another issue on my end, then. SO frustrating!!

@Sarah: Try switching up your browser. That can be helpful sometimes.

Could I take this class using PSE? It sounds intriguing.

VERY interested in participating. Just a couple questions. I too use GIMP, but I'm fairly certain I can translate (and even then perhaps translate for others). I understand the need for a schedule, but are you thinking 15 straight days in September? And are you planning on a specific time or anytime during that day? I work fulltime outside the home, so this would be very important to know. Thanks! If it doesn't work for me this time, you can bet I'll be one of the first to sign up once you've gone to video and/or pdfs!

Thanks, Marisa. It's odd, I was on the newest version of Firefox on a Mac with the newest OS so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work but it didn't. I just tried opening the contact page in Safari & it opened & has information, which is an improvement - but there's no drop down menu! Where should it be (in case I'm looking in the wrong place)?

At least I'm getting closer!

Anyone else on a Mac having any issues or is it still just me?! smiley

ETA - Never mind - the drop down menu just showed up! Sigh. I really wish I knew what was going on with the web & me lately!!

Ok, I've applied - here's hoping it worked!

I would love to join. I've applied. I use PS CS6.
I just got a concern regarding the agenda, taking in mind the time zone.

The class will be more or less open to you whenever you have time during September. I've only put a deadline on it because it's not the final solution, so it will not be in this format indefinitely and we'll need to make some improvements.

when school starts