New Feature: Activity Stream

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New Feature: Activity Stream

We have another exciting announcement! The long-awaited User Activity Streams are now here. smiley

You can look at your own activity stream by accessing your profile:



You can also look at other users' activity streams by accessing their profiles. You can do this clicking their photo or name pretty much anywhere it appears (the home page, the forums, comments on graphic pages, etc):



There are all kinds of fun things on there! Like what users are hearting, commenting on, the conversations they're a part of in the forums, etc. So make sure to take a look and have some fun with this new feature!

(And, as always, please let us know if you notice something that doesn't seem like it's working quite right!)

Thanks for the great work on this @Thani!

Yes ~ I love it Thani! Thanks so much for getting that working! smiley

Really COOL !!! Thanks for all your hard work.

This is so cool! Good job and Thank you!

Good to see it finally, but it is also somewhat distracting... I guess I will just have to get used to it..

Thanks for this new feature smiley !

this is so cool! thanks for this new feature!

Fun! I thought I broke something when it first came up... smiley

This is awesome!❤


I noticed this a couple of days ago and fell in love with this feature. I love to visit what others are "hearting" because it helps me discover hidden gems that I might have otherwise missed. smiley smiley

This is so awesome! Thank you Thani!!

Great new feature!

this is so cool! thanks for this new feature! very good job, many thanks smiley

I noticed this was now turned on - very cool! Thank you.

This is so cool! Thank you for this new feature!

smiley smiley Thanks for this new feature!

I'm curious. Everyone's saying this is "cool" and thank you for doing it. I don't understand why it's useful. Does it give more information than was already available to those who upload graphics?

Just wondering...

No it just tells you everything that you have done on this site. Everything you have uploaded - well the projects at least - and possibly every comment you posted and everything you hearted.

It does not seem to include the graphics if you are an uploader - maybe because that forum is private. Which is probably a good thing or the uploaders will get tons of graphic images on their profile.

I am an uploader and my profile is only showing me those projects that I have uploaded, not the graphics.

The thing is that everyone can now also see what you have done. Your own profile does not offer any new information for you. It only becomes useful when you go to someone elses profile.

For me personally, I find it distracting.

Just a few things I noticed: It does pull together a lot of things you do around the forum into one place. Which is nice for me. Sometimes I know I wrote something but I couldn't remember what forum I wrote it as long as it was within the last couple of months I should be able to find it again. Also when you heart a topic you will see it in your activity so you can quickly visit that forum topic again. smiley

Awesome Sauce!!!

Awesome!!! What a fantastic feature!!!!
Thanks for all hard work so we can play smiley

Thank you smiley

I guess I am a privacy nut. I don't like people watching where I go or what I do. I think keeping a tab of what has been liked as a live stream or something I think is good, being able to double check if you did something is good but to be able to go to someone's profile and see what they are doing? Creepy and invasive IMHO

@Terrell - thanks so much for some great honest feedback! We of course want to know how our feature choices are affecting people across the board. The idea with it was to foster a greater sense of connection and community, and so people could "follow" friends / members who maybe have similar taste in items, and also have an easy way of furthering engagement in the forums - overall, something similar perhaps to being able to visit someone's "wall" on Facebook.

All that being said though, we still appreciate hearing what you think about it, and I'll pass along your feedback and we'll definitely take it into consideration!

Terrell: Thank you for your comment. I couldn't figure out why I was uncomfortable with this feature but your comment says it for me. I want to choose what I share with others. I don't think I should be able to see what other people download-it's none of my business-and I don't think anyone should know what I do, unless I comment on what I download. At that point, I make the choice to let others know I've downloaded it.

Barbara Hall

Could you possibly implement a way for users to customize what shows on their own feed? Maybe let us select if we want everything showing, or just our layouts, our hearts, our comments, etc.?

smiley smiley

That being said, it reminds me now. Can we please have a way to like comments. I would like to just like/smile/heart the last 3 comments here instead of saying more, I think it would be a nice feature

I'm with Terrell Sanzone on this one. Perhaps it would be good to make it an optional feature, so people who don't like it can switch it off.