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New feature: community tagging

Just a quick announcement to say that we are breaking out a new beta feature today which allows community members to help us better categorize our graphics by adding relevant tags.

As you all know, the community here is a big part of what makes Pixel Scrapper work, and our designers and upload helpers do a fantastic job uploading, categorizing, and tagging our graphics. But it's a big job, and we can always use more help making sure that relevant tags don't get left off. This is going to be particularly true in the near future, as we prepare for adding more bulk uploading tools to the site.

The individual graphics downloads are an important part of what makes Pixel Scrapper special, and relevant tagging is essential to making sure that all of our graphics show up in site searches where they should.

So starting now, community members can help us out by adding relevant tags to items that might be missing them. Since this is a new beta feature, we are currently limiting community tagging to trusted members who have over 100 community points. If that includes you, you should see a little form on the right-hand side of the main graphics pages that will let you quickly and easily add tags to an item:

New tags should be entered as a comma-separated list.

The idea is that you can look over the tags quickly when you go to download an item, and if something's missing, add it with a simple click of a button.

A few notes about what NOT to tag:

  1. Don't use community tags for personal tags: don't tag things with 'download later', 'i like this', etc.
  2. Don't add colors as tags: color tagging is handled separately, and will eventually be automated.
  3. Don't add the kit name as a tag: our search engine is already aware of the kit name, and adding it as a tag can give too much weight to the kit name.
  4. Don't add similar forms of the same word: e.g. 'star' and 'stars' and 'starred'. Generally our search engine is smart enough to realize that similar forms are more or less the same. If you find a form of a word that's not recognized, let us know.
  5. Don't add file formats, image size, aspect ratio, or dimensions as tags (e.g. jpg, png, raster, vector, large, tall, 3x4, etc.): this kind of tagging is handled automatically.

Examples of useful tags that might sometimes get forgotten:

  • template
  • element
  • embellishment
  • paper
  • pattern
  • overlay
  • shape
  • stamp
  • illustration
  • layout
  • 2 photos, 3 photos, etc. (for layout templates)

Don't worry if you add a tag by accident: you can easily remove it:

Let us know if you have any further questions, and thanks for helping us keep Pixel Scrapper tagged and organized smiley.

Great new feature!! Thanks.

Good idea - "many hands make light work", as the saying goes!

This is a great feature!

What a fantastic idea!!!
This will not only help find assets, but also help designers - they will be able to see if a certain keyword needs more graphics.

what an awesome idea smiley

Yay! Awesome new feature, now everyone can chime in and help out smiley

This is a cool feature smiley

Will these tags become part of the .png metadata or are these just for the site? I'm assuming the latter.

@Mika: for now the tags are just used on the site, though we could consider updating the png and jpg metadata to include site tags in the future, if there was interest in that.

@Jurdan, it makes sense to include tags in metadata for better SEO in google and other search engines.

I agree about in the metadata, too... as that would even help with organization program like Picasa or ACDSee... smiley

I bet this will be a great feature for finding just the right item.

This must have and will take a lot of work, but it will be way cool! Thanks so much!

Great idea Jordan! smiley

Thanks so much for adding this new feature!

I like this Idea! I´ll sure tag some items as I browse to make my stuff...

That's a brilliant idea!

Awesome. You guys do a great job. Love the new feature.