New Feature: Link Multiple Graphics to Your Layout

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New Feature: Link Multiple Graphics to Your Layout

A fun new feature has just been added to Pixel Scrapper. Now when you upload a layout, not only can you link to the Pixel Scrapper kit/bundle you used, you can also now link to multiple individual graphics you used. This can help other people find the exact items you used in a layout, particularly if you're like me and like to pick and choose from lots of kits to create your layout.

You can see here a lovely layout from Alli where she has linked to several graphics she's used:

To add a graphics list to your own layout, just enter any graphics you used by name under the "graphics used" section when uploading or editing a layout. Click the "add another item" button to link to more than one graphic:


Awesome! This will be helpful. Thank you for your work on this!

Wahoo! This will be great!

What a great idea!


This is great! Thanks for the new features!

Very cool!!! That is a great addition to the site!

This is a perfect feature for Pixel Scrapper, thank you for all your hard work Marisa and team!

this will be great for people like me who will use 5 kits lol

this is wonderful news!

What a great idea!

This is extremely practical, especially since I always mix all the elements from different kits and individual pieces and niw knows where I had them. Thanks for the relief.

Great new feature!

Great idea! I think it will be very helpful. Thanks.

Wonderful feature, this will be very helpful for lots of us, I'm sure!

Cool new addition to the site! Thanks.

Wow This is great!

This is great! And will be so helpful since I also like to take elements from different kits for my layouts smiley

What a great idea!

Great idea!!

This is great!!

This rocks!!

Yes, I wondered how it was done! Thank you, Marisa!