New feature: quality control feedback

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New feature: quality control feedback

We've got a new feature being rolled out at Pixel Scrapper, which is the ability to give quality control feedback for items that you download. This is in response to votes we have received for implementing a better quality control system.

To use this new feature just visit the item page for something that you've downloaded, and look for the quality control feedback links on the right-hand side below the download button:

There you can mark the file as having "no problems", or you can submit an issue:

We hope that the new system will allow you to quickly and efficiently give feedback to our designers for any file quality problems you discover.

It will be very helpful to us if you can submit any issues that you find, as well as clicking on the "no problems" link for items that don't have any problems. This will allow us to implement a "quality verified" system once enough people report the file as having "no problems," and automatically unpublish items that many people are having trouble with... which we hope will create a better experience for everyone.

This feature is just in the process of being rolled out, so for now it is limited to individual graphics (rather than kits and bundles), and to items that Marisa has uploaded. If you all can use and give us feedback on the system, we hope to roll it out to all of our designers soon.

Thanks a lot!

fantastic idea! thanks so much for this feature

That's a great feature!

Very cool! Thanks!

I love this will help designers learn their strengths and weaknesses which can only help them to grow!

This is awesome! Thanks so much!

This is such a great idea! Thanks so much!

Oh, I love this! This can only improve the designs, yay!

This is a great idea even though I don't think I have ever had any issues with a Pixel Scrapper design. You are that good! smiley

Great idea! This will help you guys out a lot. smiley

This is great because I do actually have a folder of elements that I have had to correct from items that I downloaded here - some because of blur, some with jaggies, a couple that when you added stroke you could see that they were not cleaned up from the little dots (i for the life of me can't think of what this is called at the moment)

Yay! Thank you so much for accepting that suggestion! smiley You are the best EVER! (and now I have three votes to spend somewhere else, lol).

You are awesme. It came out even better than I thought. As soon as I have some spare time (it´s not being easy) I´ll test it and report if I find any bug.

Totally great implementation for feedback here at PS to have included.

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks to those of you who have been using the system, and marking files as having "no problems" -- that's very helpful to us! smiley .

The QC Issue Report links have now been extended to all individual graphics from all designers.

That's great, Jordan. Now let's just hope I remember to mark things that I've used/checked. My poor old brain. LOL

The site will now occasionally ask you for feedback when downloading an item. Of course, it's optional whether you want to provide any or not, but hopefully this will be an unobtrusive way to gently remind people to give some qc feedback for items that they download.

Let me know what you all think!

That's a great idea! I am still so amazed at the quality of this site!

I don't know if it's possible from a technology perspective, but I would love to be able to go to a page that lists all of my downloaded items (or recently downloaded, going back to a date or number of items) and has the QC green and red buttons for each item. I realized it's going to be hard for me to remember to go back and find assets that didn't have a problem (which is everything I've encountered so far) and click the green, so it would be nice to periodically whiz through a list, like "Oh yeah, I downloaded that and when I ended up using it it was fine, same with that one, that one I haven't used yet so I don't know..." and so on.

@Violet: I've got it on the to do list to create a view almost exactly like you describe smiley

For QC Feedback, are you concerned with out of gamut colors? I used a paper tonight that was and wasn't sure if I should send the QC feedback on it--if it's a qc "issue" you guys deal with or not. Thanks. smiley

This is great! The out of gamut issue may be more of a long-term feedback issue. If other people are like me, I often download things for much later print use. Other, than that, we can check things immediately.

@Amanda: it's up to users like you to decide which QC issues are worth reporting smiley . If out of gamut is a significant concern for you, then you are welcome to report it. Basically, the QC feedback feature is there so that designers can get feedback on whichever issues our users feel are important to them.

Perfect explanation Jordan. Thank you! smiley

I think this is a great idea. I'm not sure I understand all the technical terms but I guess if a do see a problem they might make more sense! So far the only individual graphics I have downloaded are in the commons, they were all fine so it was easy to use the system!