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New: infinite scroll on front page

As more designers join the site, and more people upload their layouts, it's getting a bit hard to keep track of what's new! To help with that, I've implemented infinite scrolling on the front page, so it's now faster and easier to scroll through everything that's been added to the site recently. Let me know what you think!

That sounds like a great idea, Jordan... Only question I have is will this cause problems for people with slower internet speeds? (with all the image loading)

I love it! Makes it so much easier to catch up to where I left off last time. Great addition to the site!

It really makes my life easier, I like the idea, Thank you Jordán! smiley

Thanks for the feedback.

@Lizanne: the images are "lazy loaded", so it shouldn't really make a difference for people with slower connections.

I noticed this, I think its great!

Awesome feature, many thanks Jordan!

I love this new feature! It makes it so much easier to find all the new goodies.

Thanks so much Jordan! smiley