New Server: possible site instability/slowness

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New Server: possible site instability/slowness

I moved the site to a new server today that is much faster and more capable than our old server. This will be a big help for growing and scaling Pixel Scrapper for the next couple of years, at least. I'm excited about this, since I've been working on the migration for a while (there are a lot of ducks to line up!)

In the long run, the server change is definitely going to be a good thing. In the short term, there may be some site instability that we need to work through. The site may be slower than usual for a bit while I work to optimize server settings and build the cache, and it's possible that if something goes wrong we may need to restore the site to an earlier snapshot of the database.

For the next week, at least, please make sure that you have extra backups of anything that you upload to Pixel Scrapper, and that you make copies of any substantial forum posts or replies that you write (using something like Google Docs is great for this).

We always recommend doing this (Pixel Scrapper should never be the only location for any valuable content that you have created, including forum posts), but it's especially important during times when we might experience extra server volatility.

Thanks for your understanding!

Thank you. I noticed a difference, particularly when checking my notifications - they populated immediately when I used to have a few second delay.


My layout isn't showing up in the gallery. Could this be the issue and it will show up soon?

Sounds great! There are always kinks to work out smiley

@Heidi: sometimes it takes a little while before new layouts show up in the gallery. It looks like yours are there now (if you scroll down the page).

Thanks Jordan for giving us a heads-up.
I tend to be very patient with networks. My company's network is a good teacher.
I'm sure that all will work out fine.

I didn't notice it took longer for the l/o I had just uploaded to the gallery to appear... At one point I thought maybe there was a glitch & it didn't upload, but 5 minutes or so later the l/o finally appeared in my gallery. What a relief that was!

So exciting to see how much is growing! smiley smiley

Approximately, how long will the total changeover/server upgrade take? I haven't noticed any problems to date. But I haven't done uploading or the like, either. smiley

Great progress for Pixel Scrapper!

@Shawna: things should be somewhat stable at this point, but we are still working on tweaking things here and there. smiley

I can not get into the gallery to view it, but can still upload my own, and can also click on a LO link and view the LO, but can not access the actual main gallery or the kits...

the kits do not show up at all when I click the button at the top of the page also it is so slow I am going to come back later

When I try to access Graphics, Kits, Gallery and Commons I get the message (after a painfully long wait) "Search is temporarily unavailable. If the problem persists, please contact the site administrator."

When I try to view my own Gallery I get the message "This user has not yet uploaded any layouts to their personal gallery." This shows up also after a very long wait. My Hearts and Download History still work normally.

I can access Home, Forums, Tutorials, Blog and Help but they are taking a very long time to load.

I can't be certain of the exact time when I first encountered the problem but it has been like this for me for over eighteen hours.

Thank you, ladies, for posting this info. I, too, have had the same problem for quite a few hours and have looked all over this site for info, but could not find any. I thought this was an issue on my end. Whew! Now I can stop looking for what might be wrong with my computer. smiley I am having the exact same issues that Sandra Borain has described.

I came on here to report the same things as Renee Clark and Sandra Borain!

Reporting the same issue as well smiley

Same here, in France ! (Safari, Mac OS 10.11.6)

Sandra, you can still access you own layouts by going to your profile, gallery tools and then choose manage layouts. You can see them in a list with small thumbnails, they are linked to your LO.

Search is unvailable for me too...

Same here: search is unavailable, but can see forums and messages.

Reporting the same as Sandra Borain. It started for me late last night when I got home from the hospital. Tried again today.. and same issues. I am on Eastern Standard Time Canada. I will check back later! Hope you are able to solve this one easily. smiley

Everything is working properly again for me. Thank you so much!

Working well again smiley

When I try to download items now, it gives me the "All items were downloaded successfully" with the green check, be no longer allows me to download. Is anyone else having this problem? smiley

Hi Ali!

Are you still having this issue? I would try using another browser and seeing if that does anything to help - or even a restart of your computer.

I've been having the download problem for quite some time (at least since mid-May) as well. The site will let me download four items and after that it won't download but tell me "download successful". Emptying the cache, using different browsers, different computers won't do anything.

@Els: sorry to hear about the trouble. smiley I just tried logging into your account, and downloaded 8 kits in a row, followed by 5 graphics, and had no issues. Usually an issue like this happens because of a browser configuration or network problem on the user side.

Did you try all the steps listed on this help page?

@Jordan: Thank you for the quick reply!!
It only happened to me with windows computers (firefox, explorer, chrome in different networks). I just hooked up my old mac book and it seems to work fine with that! yay! I guess for now I'll use the mac for downloads.
(I have not tried a download manager since i've never researched those. So no, I didn't follow all the steps from your help page.)