Notifications glitch: flood of old notifications

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Notifications glitch: flood of old notifications

It has come to our attention that there was a recent glitch in our notification system, which caused many older blog posts to rise to the top of user notifications for many users.

I'm looking into the glitch, and we'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again.

For now, users can mark all your notifications read to easily get rid of all new notifications at once:

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and understanding!

Thanks Jordan! You guys do great work! It was fun to check out some old blog posts as a result of the glitch! smiley

I wondered why I had 85 blog entries all at once. Thanks for the explanation. smiley

I thought it was just me hitting the first last oldest newest randomly. I enjoyed the ride in the way back machine.

Many thank Jordan! smiley Merry Christmas and happy new year for you and your family!!! smiley