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I think your idea is more than fair. While I did download everything within a few days of my original subscription, I have integrity and know that it would not be at all fair for me to just cancel my subscription after I downloaded everything basically for free. Besides, you do have weekly and monthly updates that are easily worth the monthly charge you have implemented in a very fair way. I myself plan to continue to subscribe and thank you and your contributors profusely for the beautiful papers and elements that you've taken your time and talent to create for people like me.


Trish Alfaro

<hug> I am so sorry for your loss. And I understand what you are saying. When my father passed away I was only 6 and my brother 4, but even then my mother wouldn't let us attend the service or ever take us to "visit" him. I saw my father's grave for the first time when I was 26. I feel blessed to have this time with her, even if it is sad for me. I want my memories to be happy, so it's hard for me to see her like this.

And I would love to help out however I can. And I will be subscribing again, and hopefully soon. I try to come in here and check new things 2 times a day. I'm still learning my way around.

I think you have made a great decision one that should help the site not hurt it. I love it here, if not for PS I would never have started my Design Business. Now I am off and running and doing pretty good.
It is wonderful around here Marisa I keep sending new people over hoping they stay for the long haul.

I agree, too: this sounds like a GREAT and VERY fair solution! smiley

Your plan sounds more than fair... I admit, when I first began reading your email, I was worried. But then as I read it some more I realized that it didn't really pertain to me, but others that abused the system, and I was thankful that you created that patron system so I wouldn't lose out on stuff you archive (I've bookmarked a bunch of stuff for future downloading).

I've found, ever since I became a subscriber, that I don't download as often as I used to (in the past, before the subscription option, I definitely used my 10 download credits a day). I can go literally weeks, sometimes even months at a time, without downloading anything & then {BOOM!} I'll download a bunch of stuff. A lot of it has to do with time (I'm trying to find a healthy balance between this hobby & my family), my not so great health, and not so great internet service (my wifi is not the fastest & most stablest service....I so wish I had other options, but I don't because I live in a rural area).

Anyhow, I hope this new system works for you. I'd like Pixelscrapper to be around for a long time. smiley

I understand the need for change in the community and on my own behalf. So I signed up for a year's subscription and found it to be even a greater bargain than I thought it would be. Thanks for the gentle nudge in the right direction to support the community. I was thinking about taking out a subscription and the reminder helped me to do it now instead of later. I love this community/site and I want to see it thrive. I support you.

Sounds like a fair plan to me! I had to cancel my membership at the end of last year when I was on medical leave, then I goofed on my paypal account and let my account lapse when I didn't update my account with my new debit card in June, so hopefully I will be careful in the future! Love the site, and actually don't download much lately since I've been too busy to scrap! (Shh...did I just say that?!)


Thanks everyone for your caring and support.

@Autumn: Sorry to hear about your situation, and please don't feel guilty. Life does happen, and people like you who care are not the problem smiley .

@Kathie: yes, we will certainly work to implement a grace period where people can retain their Patron status as long as they get everything renewed within a couple of weeks of the expiration. And people can always contact us about special circumstances. No one needs to worry about going on vacation, or other reasons for accidental lapses.

@Marisa: I received your email and read your blog post about the new Patron Status. I completely understand why you are doing it and think its a great idea. I know for a fact that when I first joined up I went "hog wild" on downloading things and I probably just could have bolted too but I love the site too much and can't wait to see whats around the next corner. I love the site and have been a paying member for almost a year now. I got the full year unlimited downloads option when I joined and when my year is up I intend on renewing it with the same option if its available. You were saying that you have a special offer until the end of August, does that mean that I should renew my yearly subscription in August or can I wait until November when I think my current subscription is up? That's the only thing I am confused about. I would love to still have access to everything if that is going to be an option.

Hey Karry: I'm pretty sure what Marisa meant by the special offer until end of August is that if current or new members sign up now by the end of the month, her and Jordan will go ahead and make them patrons. Those persons willing to subscribe to unlimited service until August 27th won't have to wait the waiting period of 6 months to receive Patron status and have full access to everything.
Since you are already a Patron as long as you don't let it expire you will keep your patron status and continue to have full access to everything available.
Hope that helps to answer your question. smiley

I think it is absolutely reasonable to make these changes. I myself have subscribed and then had to unsubscribe a couple of times, the last time I unsubscribed was simply so I could change the date of when my payment was due. now that I have my finances figured out I am able to remain as a subscribing user. I recognized the great lengths that Marisa and Jordan go through to make this not only an affordable site but a great community to be a part of! Love this site and being part of the community!

I think this is an absolutely brilliant and fair solution guys. Thank you so much for all you do for this lovely community!! I also think that offering a 3 month subscription option (vs. yearly) - still with download limits, but maybe higher limit than non-patrons? - would be a great budget option for people smiley

lots of love and hugs! smiley

Like most people who discover this site and subsequently sign up when they fall in love with every kit they see, not to mention the pure vastness of resource outside the digital scrapbooking elements here, I also went hog wild and downloaded a huge amount of files on the site when I first signed up with my annual subscription. However, I didn't leave, and have no intention to. Quite the contrary. Now I am honored to have been asked to be on the creative team, so I am giving back some of what I have benefitted from. I also participate in the blog trains as a designer and have promoted Pixel Scrapper via Facebook, and soon, I will be starting a blog that will cover digiscrapping, photography, writing and other miscellaneous tidbits. (I promised Marisa I would do this as part of the Creative Team, so I'm hoping she's giggling at this rather than saying, "It's about #*@% time!"--Hey, I'm a bit slow on the trigger! Honestly, I don't want to blog, but it is pushing me out of my comfort zone, and it is another way of giving back to Pixel Scrapper.) I do not have a site where I sell my designs. Maybe, when I get better at it I will. I too plan on renewing my membership when it comes up at the end of this year. This place is home like no other digital scrapbooking site--and there are some truly phenomenal ones out there. Those of us who are active here already know how special this site is and are standing by to help Marisa and Jordan make it sustainable. While I'm at it, a special thank you to the uploaders, moderators and designers, who, without them, there wouldn't be a community to belong to. I am immensely indebted to all of you who make this place run. Thank you.

I am so excited, I made enough from a side project and was able to sign up for a subscription. I couldn't resist using pocket money to start that this month, with the special offer and all. smiley

Excellent solution- very creative and fair!

I think you are right to put in safeguards to prevent the grab n go mentality from creeping in. Unfortunately not everyone will respect the principles of this community without some restrictions. I love Pixelscrapper and continue to support with my monthly subscription, even though I have periods of time when I don't do much digi-scrapping or participate in the community quite so much. I seem to have this stop / start thing with digi- scrapping vs paper scrapping or not scrapping cos life happens instead. I remember you posted a pretty comprehensive guideline of expectations and how people could support the community, and I was happy to know that staying subscribed was a way that I could support when I wasn't able to be quite so active in other ways. Just feel sad that some people would have a 'what is in it for me?' or 'how much can I get away with?' kind of attitude. Thank you for everything you offer to members of this awesome community.

I appreciate that, thank you. smiley

Thanks so much Jordan! smiley

As always, I appreciate all you, Marisa, the Pixel Scrapper Teams and members do to make
this a fabulous place to come to. The blog trains we do here are biggest I've Ever seen!
So much talent, caring and sharing...who could resist coming here as often as possible and doing
all we can to help keep growing this wonderful community. smiley

I am completely behind the download limit, just a little bit sad for not being able to access the older kits and assets as I can't become a subscriber anytime soon (on a tight budget at the moment), but you and all the other designers are super generous as it is, and I love the community here, so I understand the reasons and support all the changes smiley .

I love the new system, which was a great solution to this problem.I hope to be here for a long time, thank you very much and Jordan, Marisa and the community that creates, for me has been a discovery and creativity through

I love this site. Always keeping me thinking of new things to make, lol, and the kits the designers make are just fabulous 100% of the time. smiley The new system sounds like it will help cut down on a lot (at least I hope it does for your sake and the sake of the site). I look forward to the other changes coming too! smiley

Sound great too me smiley i hope help site out more

I just signed up for a year plan and that's a BARGAIN! I've got so much here and there's so many choices for education with tutorials and inspiration with the gallery layouts. Not to mention the massive BLOG TRAINs loaded with talented designers.
I hope you get a lot of positive response to this offer.

So sorry I didn't read this earlier. It seems like a fair plan to me. Sorry I cannot afford to subscribe at this time and sure hope that one day I will be able to. Thank you for such a great site!

I have tried to subscribe for the commercial use subscription paid as a one-time payment but I keep getting an "unexpected error" from the website. Please advise.

Thanks for fixing it, Jordan!

The patron system sounds like a very fair idea. This is a wonderful site. I would hate to think of it being abused.

The changes you are making sound perfectly reasonable to me as well; I do appreciate your efforts to always communicate changes and for being upfront and honest about your policies. These are good business decisions, and I respect that. I love this site and I'm always amazed at the ever growing content that is available here.

I wanted to thank all of you for each and every delicious goodie you create which I use in my designs, and many thanks to Marisa and Jordan for giving me Patron status. It's a wonderful way to say 'we appreciate' those designers, like me, who look at Pixel Scrapper as a prime resource for design.

Thank you all!

Doreen Erhardt

that means there is no way to purchase patron items, but only with a subscription?