Patron status, archiving older items, and a special offer

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Regarding donations and patron items:

Please realize that we are just in the process of transitioning to this new Patron system, and the transition is not yet complete. We never meant to block donators from being able to download Patron items: that was an oversight that crept in during the code changes. This was not part of the deal when you our current donators registered and donated, and we certainly would not want to hold thenm to something that they did not sign up for.

I have just pushed some changes that should fix this situation and give donators access to Patron items as before.

you are great, thanks!!

Oh I have been away for a while...wish I would have seen this a few days ago and been able to get patron. Great choice for your business!

I know I am a little late here! Anyway, I noticed on my Patron status it only shows for 2014, and 2015. I have been here since 2012. I was wondering if this is a mistake or is it since I have been an uploader since 2014? Thank you for everything!

Nancy: It depends... I, too have been here since 2012, but didn't have a paid account (Patron Status) until the beginning of 2013. So, that is why I am missing a 2012 badge, myself... smiley Did you have a paid account in 2012-2013 before you became an uploader?