Pixel Scrapper Commons: now accepting waiting list applications

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Pixel Scrapper Commons: now accepting waiting list applications

As many of you know, we created the Pixel Scrapper Commons a little while back as a place where community members can upload and share the designs they create. This are of the site is currently in closed beta, but we've seen a lot of awesome contributions so far from our beta testers! We're hoping to improve the system and add some more users within the next few weeks.

If you are interested in contributing your designs to the Commons, please join our waiting list by filling out this form.


Thank you so much Jordan and Marisa for another helpful step for us willing and learning Designers.I have waited so long for this opportunity. smiley smiley smiley

Thanks for this opportunity. I will be filling out the form as soon as I put together a few of my designs in order to send you the link.

This is great! I look forward to giving back to the community. smiley

This is what I love about Pixel Scrapper! Not only do you give us beautiful kits to make layouts with, you give us the tools and encouragement to design our own kits. It will be great to have more designers in the commons.

I agree you Pauline..Pixel Scrapper is unique because they are giving us opportunity to enter a bigger world of Designing..
I hope I will get at least one chance..From the very beginning I was so excited about commons..I love creating elements and Kits soooo much..

Wow!!!!! I am getting so impatient..it's two months and I am so eager to get a place in commons..any guess on when it will be opened for some more users please??
I am afraid that may be it has opened already, just my work has not crossed the quality bar to get a chance, maybe?? smiley smiley
Don't mind..just kidding..I love PS very much..

Just submitted for commons. Thank you for the opportunity

Hi Sherry! It will probably be sometime next year when the commons is opened. Thanks for your interest!

Thank you for reply..At least now I can temporarily stop thinking about it.. smiley

Yep. We were hoping to have things ready earlier, but there's still a lot of work to do, and some complications that have come up (along with other things that we need to work on), so at this point we're hoping to open the Commons up more fully around January or February. Thanks for your patience!

Very cool. Good luck with everything.

All the best Jordan & Marisa..:-)

looking forward to this with anticipation

Thanks for the time table update, Jordan and Marisa! I submitted the form and like others have been eagerly awaiting whether or not I would be tapped. Thanks for this opportunity!

Thanks to the option of returning Back to the site, I'd love to get permission to upload things that I created for the use of members here, I made paper flowers and flowers photographed and made them a useful template, I'd be happy to share smiley
Here is an example of my work with flowers
Continuation of pleasant holidays for all of you smiley

Your flowers are great Zvia. . smiley
Ohhhh...I am still so excited to get a chance!! smiley

Any progress on opening this up to us yet

Just wondering if this will be opening soon?

Thank you for the inquiries, and sorry for the delays smiley.

The opening of the Commons has been delayed due to some unexpected complications, but we are continuing to work on it. I will post here when we have a further update.