Pixel Scrapper to be classified as Public Benefit Company!

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Pixel Scrapper to be classified as Public Benefit Company!

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Dear Pixel Scrapper community:

I am excited to announce that Pixel Scrapper is in the final stages of receiving official state classification as a Public Benefit Company! This classification means that we are being recognized as a company that puts commitment to community and society ahead of profits.

This is exciting news for us, as it formalizes a commitment we have had since the beginning to put vision ahead of business. The heart of Pixel Scrapper for me has always been about promoting community, giving away as much as we can, and fostering a spirit of generous creativity. Many of you have read the Pixel Scrapper Manifesto, which outlines some of the ways in which we attempt to serve our community. We now also have a Benefit Company Mission Statement that explains some additional ways we are striving to benefit society and our planet (including some long-standing commitments, and some brand new ones).

Besides being exciting news, this new classification is just the start of what we hope will be a wonderful new phase of growth and renewal for Pixel Scrapper. Many of you know that Jordan (Pixel Scrapper’s webmaster and systems administrator) has been in grad school for the last couple of years, balancing Pixel Scrapper work with a full-time academic schedule. During that time, we have done our best to keep Pixel Scrapper up and running, but we haven’t had the resources to really push the site forward--as I’m sure many of you have noticed.

Now that Jordan is out of grad school, we want to “reboot” Pixel Scrapper and take it to the next level. This effort will involve implementing some long-standing feature requests (for example the wish list feature which we recently completed--yay!), as well as gathering new feedback and ideas from our members, revisiting our Manifesto, and adding multiple new designers to our team!

We will be making a more in-depth announcement about the reboot soon, but for now please visit our feature requests forum and vote on ideas (or submit new ones)! Every vote counts, and we will take your votes very seriously when deciding how to improve Pixel Scrapper going forward.

If you appreciate Pixel Scrapper and believe in what we stand for, I also invite you to support our community by becoming a paying member or making a small donation. We’ve got big plans, but we are in need of support to move forward. You will receive a special badge for donating, but more importantly: 100% of donated funds will be put back into our community or otherwise used to support our vision as a public benefit company. I commit to doing my best to lead Pixel Scrapper, but I am not Pixel Scrapper--Pixel Scrapper is all of you who visit the site every day who work with us to make our vision of a thoughtful and generous creative community a reality. If we are going to make a small positive impact in the world, it will only be through all of us working together.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and encouraged us over the years in all kinds of different ways. Let’s keep moving forward, and make Pixel Scrapper even better!

WOW!! Congratulations!! This is truly exciting news!

smiley Congratulations! Such fantastic news.

Awesome!!! Congrats you guys! We'll deserved!

Very exciting, congrats to each of you!!

I have always been impressed with Pixel Scrapper especially in the last few months since I've taken the time to really check out all the benefits. You are a valuable resource for all scrappers but especially those interested in designing. Thank you so much supporting and teaching us. I appreciate all the hard work and admire you and Jordan. You're both a source an inspiration for me. You have always been an amazing teacher and a great mentor. It is an honor for me to be a part of the Commons. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing how this develops and looking forward to photos of your new blessing.

Congratulations!!! Such exciting news! smiley

This is exciting news! This site truly does foster a spirit of generous creativity while supporting a great community! Congrats, well deserved!

Great news!

Amazing! Congratulations!

This is such exciting news and congratulations to Pixel Scrappers!! I signed The Manifesto the day I decided to become involved here. It's so refreshing to find designers who are willing to share their vision and art with those of us who are trying to share our own vision with others. You have empowered me to start designing for others and have the ability to get designs that I can freely use. I have been a paying member for a few months and will continue to support this community! I've been hired to create my very first S4H pages thanks to your vision and generosity!!

That's amazing news! smiley You all have worked so hard behind the scenes to keep this great site running! I'm so happy to be part of this community!

That's exciting!

Cheryl that's so wonderful! I wish you all the best in your scrap 4 hire endeavors! smiley

Really good news! Congratulations to you & Jordan! May you meet further success as your vision becomes reality...

This is amazing! CONGRATS and I know that PS is going to be a huge success! Thank you for all you do and all the amazing members as well. It is no goal too big when a community works together.... God Bless! ♥Nae

Amazing, that is just awesome news! Congratulations!

congratulations! this is wonderful news!

Wow, that is awesome!!! CONGRATS- well deserved!

Congratulations! Such wonderful news!


This is fantastic news! This has been a great place where so many people want to share their talents with us, therefore, we members are blessed abundantly! Thank YOU ALL!

Awesome! I feel blessed to be part of this community! smiley


That is amazing news! And so very deserved. Pixel Scrapper is and has always been such a nurturing , kind and giving community. I am truly grateful to be part of it. The vision you and Jordan have warms my heart. You keep thinking of new ways to give everyone the oppurtunity to share their creativity with others, without putting profit first. In these times, your way of thinking is a rare commodity, which makes Pixel Scrapper even more unique. You so deserve to be recognized for it!

Congratulations! I love your vision for the site.

Great news - Congratulations!

YAY! Thats Fab News For You Marisa ,Jordan & The Dsigners.Well Deserved & Recognition For All The Hard Work Put In Over The Years.You Truely Are All Generous With Time & Resorces.Big Congrats & Many More Years Of Doing What You Do Best :)x

Congratulations! Such fantastic news. smiley smiley

This is so amazing! Congratulations!

So awesome! Congrats! smiley