Pixel Scrapper to be classified as Public Benefit Company!

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That's Wonderful News! Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!

As retiries forging toward a joint business venture (pet and photo art photography) your news and sharing has really inspired me. We have always been givers, even with our pet photography business, and seek to move forward as well. As we become busier and busier it helps to have our manifesto, or vision, in wriitng. Thank you--and CONGRATULATIONS! Excellent business model for sure!

Congratulations! Your vision is terrific.

Congratulations! smiley

Great news. Very exciting!

This is so amazing! I'm so proud to be a part of a company that makes a difference!

So awesome! Congrats! smiley

That is fantastic!!! How exciting! Super huge congrats are in order!

Congratulations, guys! I am so happy for you! The last couple of years have been very sporadic scrapbook years for me. But I never feel like my membership to PS is wasted. I am always happy to be a subscriber because of your values and your willingness to offer things for free. I am proud to be a member here!

Wonderful news Marisa!

Thank you for your generosity and constant creativity. Huge thank you to Jordan and congratulations on finishing his studies. And thanks to all the PS designers, commons designers and those who join in the blog trains!

You have created a fabulous community Marisa. Can't wait to see where you take this next.

This site is like no other on the internet. Like they say "What goes around, comes around"... getting recognized for all your hard work, time, energy, and effort must feel really, really good. Congratulations smiley

Thank you all so much for the congratulations and support--it means a lot to us! smiley

This is Awesome Marisa, Congratulation. smiley