Please help us out in the Community Support forum

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Please help us out in the Community Support forum

Hi all, if you saw Marisa's recent blog post, you know that Marisa and I are about to head out on a cross-country adventure. Of course, we will plan to keep an eye on things as we can, but it would be a huge help (to us, and our moderators) if all of you Pixel Scrapper veterans could check in at our Community Support forum once in a while and provide help to anyone who needs it. We've got a nice guidelines page available that you can use to help point people in the right direction, depending on what they need help with.

If all else fails, you can let people know that we are traveling, but that they can contact us via our contact form, and we'll get back to them as soon as possible.

Thanks so much!

Jordan, absolutely no problem....will try to check the forum pretty much every day and help where I can!

As a regular forum member I'll do my best as well although I've only been here a tiny bit of time ... hubby is having knee replacement this month so may be missing a bit until mid June .... I may be right around the twist by then though lol smiley

No problem!!!! Thanks Have a fun and safe trip!

Will do what I can to help out!

Absolutely! Have a safe, fun wonderful adventure.

You both work so hard and it's nice to see you can now take a break
and have some fun travels. I'm so looking forward to all the amazing
pictures you'll be taking!

You and Marisa have a WONDERFUL time, Jordan! Have fun, and take care of yourselves!

I love our community and how much you lovely members are always so willing to help out. It's what makes this place my special home! smiley

I absolutely agree with Shawna; how wonderful to have so many people helping out our newcomers, giving them an extra warm welcome. Love all you guys!

Enjoy your trip Marisa and Jordan, and thanks to all of the forum members who are so willing to help us newbies.

Jordan, is there a visible and easily-accessible link to the knowledge base somewhere? Because I was looking for it right now,, and I needed to open your topic. I guess it would be easier if it was more visible...