Possible site instability: please report any issues

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Possible site instability: please report any issues

On 1/29 around 1:00pm PST (9:00pm GMT) we ran into what looked like a possible database corruption on PixelScrapper.com. It appears that this was simply a corruption in the cache (which is not a serious problem).

Please keep an eye out and report any strange site behavior (such as forum posts or recent layouts disappearing, strange text corruption, etc). I would advise taking extra precaution to back up any lengthy forum posts that you make for the next couple of days (writing them first in Google Docs or similar--actually, this is something I always advise, so that you minimize the risk of losing the fruits of your effort).

Database corruption is a serious concern, and if we do confirm any issues, we will likely have to revert the site back to an earlier point in time, losing any recent posts or replies that were made.

Thanks for your help, and sorry for any inconvenience!

Back to Basics kits previews are not showing up on my end. I'm not sure if this is one of the issues you might be talking about.

Jordan - I haven't noticed anything (yet) but I'm just getting ready to do some uploading for Melo. Should I wait until I hear that things have stabilized or will my uploads be ok? Thanks!

@Ania: there was an issue with those kits, but they should be working now. Do you see the previews now? (If not, try doing a hard refresh, or clearing your browser cache).

@Sarah: It might be best to limit your uploading for now. Uploading a couple of items would be good, just to see if you run into any issues, but I might hold off on most of the stuff until after the weekend.

@Jordan - Got it - & will do. I'll upload a couple but make notes on them in case they disappear! And thank you!

@Jordan - I uploaded two templates & there were no issues either with the uploading or the posting.

Jordan, I can see those previews now smiley

I'm not sure whether it's just a matter of timing. I uploaded my portion of the blog train. It appears in the kit but didn't end up on the wall. I'm not all that concerned about it showing up. Though I'm wondering if it may also happen to people uploading layouts.

Oops, nevermind. It showed up. smiley

Late last night I noticed some kits weren't showing up, and as I would refresh I would see them briefly. Once I uploaded my own kit I couldn't see it until today.

@Angela: are you talking about seeing these kits on the "Browse kits" page? There is generally a bit of a delay before uploaded items show up there... though it shouldn't normally be as long as a day.

Hi Jordan. No, it was when I was uploading my kit to the blog train final list last night. I went to page 2 and uploaded it, could see my preview and much later that evening I went back to view the list and it appeared that some of page 2 kits were on page 1 and some were "missing" from the list, paddy's, mine and a few others, I believe Bits O'Scrap and Debbie Sharman's were all mia for a bit. As of this morning it all seems good. Maybe my browser was ready for night night smiley

I just noticed that the comments are missing on one of my layouts, not a big deal. I haven't noticed any on other layouts though.

Strange, the comments are back now, but it says I have 1 comment when it actually shows 3...

The comment thing continues to happen. On various layouts, the comments have disappeared, or it shows 0 comments when there are actually a number of them showing. It changes every time I open a layout. Plus I've noticed that the notifications tells me that someone left a comment, but when I click on the notification, it brings me to the page but there are no comments posted. This has happened a number of times as well. Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but it's just something I've noticed!

@Krissy, thanks for the info. Did you notice this issue at all in the past, or only in the last few days? When you say "it shows 0 comments," where exactly are you referring to (where are you seeing the "0 comments" message)? Can you post a screenshot or two if possible, to clarify? Thanks!

Jordan- I've only noticed this the past few days. On the page where it shows your layout by itself, it says how many people have viewed it, how many comments there are, and how many people have hearted it (next to the layout) that's where it will say 0 or 1 comment, but then on the bottom, it will show the actual comments and there are more than 0 or 1. (I hope that makes sense, I'm not sure how to upload a screenshot- sorry!) It's actually not doing it at all right now, the comments and the listed number all line up smiley

I've noticed the same as Krissy...though it's with kits. The comments come and go. I thought that it had worked itself out but have seen it today as well. I've also seen issues in the forums. There will say that there's a new comment but I can't see it.

Oh that has happened to me also Janet- I forgot to mention it! It will say there is a new page or comment in the forums but nothing is there when I go to it.

also confirming what Krissy reported- exact same phantom comments on layouts in past few days smiley

Thanks all, for the continued reports. I think "phantom comment" issue may be related to some caching problems, again.

I've made a couple of tweaks to our caching system Please let me know if you continue to notice this problem; if so, there are a couple more things I can try.