Fixed problem with free daily credits

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Fixed problem with free daily credits

So after the site went down last week I updated the free daily DC system so that if the site went down in future, it would be smart enough to play "catch up" when it came back online: so that people would not miss their free DC for the day because the site was down (they would just get those DC a bit later).

Unfortunately this update introduced a bug which broke the system for a little while, and caused some people not to receive their free daily download credits yesterday.

The problem has been fixed, and to make up for those people who did not receive any free download credits yesterday, I am once again sending out extra credits to everyone, which will roll out during the next 24 hour period, in addition to your free daily credits.

Thank you so much for putting this right.

I logged in today and still had my normal 9 credits. Looking forward to receiving the extra credits.


Thank you so much.

once again thank you - you guys do an amazing job smiley

Thank you smiley

Very kind of you, thank you so much!


Thank you so much! smiley

Thank you so much Jordan. You take such good care of us all. I posted a thank you card for you and Marissa in the gallery but don't think you have seen it and it is now on page 3 04 4. Just wanted you both to see it ank know how much we appreciate you.

Sorry the system has been giving you such trouble lately!! Thank you for the extra credits!

Thank you very much!

Thanks a bunch! For a while, I thought it was me.

Awesome! Thanks!

smiley awe that is so awesome! THANK YOU!!

Thank you.. that is so awesome. Not sure if maintenance is going on, but had a very hard time logging in.. and I am not able to download anything. The loading circle .. just keeps spinning. lol Will try again later.. and if not then.. then tomorrow, and hopefully it'll work. haha

Thanks, I was wondering where the extra credits came from...keep up the good work... I love this site!!!

Uggh, I feel bad for you... I hope the site starts to run smoother for you & Marisa in the near future. smiley

You guys are great, thank you!

thank you smiley)

Thank you so much. The first time I didn't get dc I panicked a bit but now I'm not worried cos I know you guys take care of us. That's what makes pixelscrapper # 1 in my book. Now I can get a few extra things. smiley

Thank you so much for all your help and fixing the problem! smiley

That's much appreciated. Thanks Marisa and team!

thank you!

Thank you so much for the extra credits received today.

Thank you both so much!

LOL thanks Jordan!!! smiley isn't that crazy, try to fix something & it breaks something else! smiley

Able to get in and download now! Yay! Thank you kindly for everything. smiley

Since an "empty reply" came up when I posted my thank you, I guess I will use it to ask a question - how do you delete a reply posted in error? smiley

Thank you - Who said technology was easy. (Speaking as a retired IBMer LOL)

Hello Jordan
Thank you so much!
Best regards

Thank you both so much for your kindness! smiley

Thank you!

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