Recent site outage and lost content

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Recent site outage and lost content

Dear Pixel Scrapper community:

We had some unfortunate technical problems with our server over the last couple of days which resulted in the site being down for some time today (January 3rd). I've been working on the issue for several hours straight, and everything should now be working as intended, but because multiple things failed at once the unfortunate fallout is that we had to resort to a database backup from December 19th.

This means that anything added to the site between December 20th and January 2nd has been lost, and we are so very sorry. smiley

We already had one loss of content earlier in the year, which makes us all the more sorry to have lost this content: as always, the graphics and kits will of course be re-uploaded to the site, but we value every forum post and every comment from each of you, and are very sad to lose any of those posts. And we are always sad to lose hard work done by our upload helpers: nobody likes re-uploading content that they have already worked hard to upload the first time. Losing people’s hard work and wonderful posts is not our goal in running Pixel Scrapper, and we sincerely apologize.

As we have stated in the past, we make regular backups of our database and all uploaded content using multiple methods, but if something goes down and we have to revert to a backup, it’s impossible to guarantee that the most recent content will be saved. As such, we always recommend making your own backups of anything you post to the site, particularly any long or thoughtful forum posts or comments.

We lost more days of content today than I ever want to lose. Every time something goes wrong like this we work to improve our methods to try to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. Today I've put some new procedures in place that will hopefully prevent this particular issue from striking again.

Our Deepest Apologies

Once again: we sincerely apologize for this incident, and its repercussions. It's very disheartening to lose people's valuable content, especially after the incident we had last spring. To our subscribers and patrons, to our designers, to our upload helpers, to everyone in our community: we are very sorry for the pain, trouble, and inconvenience that has been caused by the site being down, and the loss of valuable recent content.

As a small token of apology we will be gifting all our users with a free kit or bundle download of their choice (1 free kit download credit will automatically appear in your account within the next couple of days).

To our upload helpers: If you uploaded a large amount of content during this time, please reach out to use using our contact form.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding! If there is a particular repercussion of this issue that we can help with, please don't hesitate to contact us directly!

so glad that Pixel Scrapper is back and thank you Jordan for all your hard work.

I sent a message before seeing this post. It is unfortunate but when dealing with technology sometimes things happen.

uh oh, good news is all can be redone smiley Sorry y'all have to deal with this all over again

I'm so sorry this has happened, for your sakes, as well! You guys have created a wonderful place, here, and it obviously causes you paing, as well, to have the site encounter such problems.
Here's hoping your extra measures don't have to pay off! smiley

This is rediculous. I frequently have problems with this site... particularly with slow downloads. I think it’s about time to for me to make a change.

I appreciate all of your hard work. I've been with you guys since before 2012, and you have always worked so hard to make everything seamless and effective. Keep on, keeping on. Small glitches are just a part of technology. Sending love to the whole team.

Thanks for all your hard work getting everything back up and running so quickly Jordan, now put your feet up and treat yourself to a nice hot cup of cocoa (with extra extra marshmallows).

I just reposted my links for the two January blog trains... it took me all of 3 minutes to do. Phew, now I'm pooped!

(just kidding heehee)

Tossing some love your way. smiley

hmm, a woman of many talents, but not the talent to be kind and understanding...

Jordan, thank you for the hard work, if anyone knows what this sort of thing is like, it's me,
and if anyone, anyone at all, can show me a website that NEVER has problems, I will buy you a car!!

So glad your back and thank you Jordan for the hard work smiley

So sorry all your hard work now results in more hard work from you. We all appreciated all the work you do for us. I would like to thank you once again for giving me a life line that helps me cope with my disablities. Pixelscrappers is my ray of sunshine first thing in the morning and is greatly missed even for a few hours. As wonderful as computers are they can also be a pain. Once again I wish to thank you for all you do it is very much appreciated.

So glad that everything is back and sorry for everyone who's lost anything smiley
Thank you Jordan for your hard work !!

Glad to see that Pixelscrapper is back. Thank you Jordan for your hard work smiley .

Just so happy that you're up and running again. Thank you for your hard work; no reasonable person could ask for more than you do.

So sorry for the stress and headache of a server crash! We have all had technical problems and know the pain of it. Thank you for working so hard and long to get the site up and running again! Love, love, love Pixel Scrapper!! You are the kindest and most generous site I know! You're one in a million and I'm so thankful for you smiley

Oh dear- so much work but you were able to get most of it back- yay!!! Pixel Scrapper is the best.

So glad the site is back up and running. I registered last week but had to register again today because the site did not recognize me. So just a heads up your new members info may have been lost as well.

Oh no! Glad you got it back up and running. What a lot of hard work! I'll have to check my scheduled uploads as I honestly can't remember if I did them before the backup date! Lol.

Thanks for all the hard work you do behind the scenes to keep things running! I have to say, I rarely have problems with the site, be it technical or slowness.

I think it is unreasonable to expect such a large, complex site to never have problems. It's technology. When it's working, it's wonderful, but when it's not, we just have to be patient while problems get sorted out. When you think of the sheer quantity - and quality - of items on this site, it is astounding that it is either given away ABSOLUTELY FREE or for a very reasonable monthly subscription. I - for one - truly appreciate the mammoth effort that goes into making Pixel Scrapper the special site it is, and am so thankful for all the hard work done by Marisa, Jordan, the design team, the upload team, the creative team - not to mention the community as a whole.

Long live Pixel Scrapper!

I have nothing but love for this site, as finding it is what's really given me the push to start learning digital scrapbooking in earnest. With all of the wonderful content that you give away, it's only to be expected that the tech will have a hiccup every so often. Thank you for all of your hard work in getting it back up quickly!

Yes!! so glad that Pixel Scrapper is back and thank you Jordan Marisa and everybody for all your hard work. I love Pixel scrapper , long live Pixel scrapper! smiley

Happy new year for all !!! smiley smiley

Hear, hear, Robyn! smiley Sorry for the technical issues, Pixel Scrapper!

I do agree with everybody except the lady with many talents. I think Robin Dentons sums it all up really well in her comment. I have never experiecend any trouble with this site, great content, very kind people to me this is the best site on the internet. Thank you Marisa and Jordan ! smiley

I find bugs like this oddly comforting - it reminds me that computers will never take over the world! smiley (Sorry - I might have been doing too much sci-fi scrapping lately!)
You work hard to create amazing products and a community that is both supportive and educational. Thank you for all you do!

Many thanks for all the hard work you put in to make this an excellent site!

I totally agree with Angela, if you find a website that never crashes or never have any technical problems I will buy you a house to go with that car smiley

Having said that, maybe Karen was having a bad day, or something more serious made her snap and write down that comment, we never know what is really going on in peoples' lives, so let's all be understanding towards each other smiley

And Jordan, Pixel Scrapper can crash as many times it wants, I love this community and will never leave this website! Much love and appreciation to all your hard work, cheers! smiley

Well done on getting the site back up and running so quickly Jordan! Thanks very much to everyone that makes this such a great site, I certainly don't always think about what a huge undertaking it must be to maintain everything! Last year, my bank had online system problems that lasted for weeks, and that's a national bank with big resources! So thanks for dealing with the issues so quickly, hopefully the gremlins will be all gone smiley

Wow! I guess I picked the right time to go inactive! Between the holidays, travel and illness, I was very inactive during the dates of your troubles! Just found out today something even went wrong. I think the goodwill behind this site is wonderful and it is a friendly community. Only the best wishes here for a seamless 2019!

Personally, I only noticed anything wrong when I couldn't log in one single time. If you take the long-term view, I think you'll agree that the percentage of time that there are problems is miniscule when you compare it to the amount of time when the site works perfectly. And that's a brilliant achievement.

Daniela, thank you for reminding us that Karen might have been having a bad day when she said what she said.

Well this is a great opportunity to thank Jordon and the staff for all the hard work they always do for us to keep us happy. Thank you so much!

As for Karen, this is an important moment for the rest of us to be forgiving and to pray that the change she is wanting will end up in the right direction... as in learning to be more understanding and compassionate. We all make mistakes,
it just happened to be hers today.

I hope everyone will have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

So sorry to hear that you had trouble - I was away and missed it all - but just want to echo the thoughts of so many here: You are so appreciated for all the work and effort that goes into making Pixelscrapper the great site/community it is. I feel badly that most of us don't think to say that until something like this happens. Hope you are able to relax now and enjoy the weekend. Happy New Year!