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Thank you for all your hard work in getting the site up and running. I thought it was my internet connection which was causing problems smiley as I rarely have problems accessing Pixel Scrapper. Any time I have slow downloads it is because of our crappy internet and not you guys. Hope you are able to get everything sorted out without too much trouble. Thanks again for this wonderful community.

Thank you all for your kind comments and understanding--it means a lot! smiley

And Karen: I understand that web-related issues can be extremely frustrating to deal with at times, and I'm really sorry that you've experienced technical difficulties with our site--I'm going to send you an email, and hopefully we can get things sorted out for you. We're a small team and we all work hard to try to keep things running, but the site isn't perfect. I hope you'll give us another chance and decide to stay with us a little longer, because I think the community here is really the best community on the internet (I'm sorry if I'm a little bit biased smiley ).

You are welcome Robyn, cheers and Happy New Year!

Wow how hard on you! That's why I have the free kit offer. Was confused for sure!! God bless you all for all the work you do always!! Thank you for the 'because we care' gift!!

Wow...I was busy the last few days & didn't log was unaware of the problem.
Whatever it is, this site is one-in-a-million, & to be a part of it, welcoming, friendly, generous & understanding & willing to put up with any & every uncharitable word of some community members, is a blessing!
I know its not the way of either Marisa or Jordan or many of the kind & lovely members of PS, but I would have shown the door to any who felt they had had enough of being a part of this family, they can go & become a member of any other "families" that open their doors to them!
Little do they understand that in a family there are ups & downs, squabbles & little irritations & whatnots, but still we stay together, because we are loyal, putting aside our differences, because that's what a family does. In times of trouble, it comes together, rallies around, supports.
If all this proves too much of a bother for some, then better take the high road to greener pastures!

...& thank you for the free kit offer! smiley

Well said, Chitra!

THANK YOU to everyone at Pixel Scrapper and within the PS community (family?!) for making this site an amazing resource. Love you to the moon and back!

PS- where do we find the free kit thing?

"If all this proves too much of a bother for some, then better take the high road to greener pastures!"

but should do so without fanfare or "last words' lol smiley

Laurel, if you click on a kit that you like which you haven't downloaded before you'll find an "unlock kit download" or words to that effect. And you can then downloaded your free kit. Sorry, I have already downloaded my free kit before I found your post so I can't tell you the exact words.

Thanks for the info, but I am not seeing that. I can already download any kit for personal use, as I pay to subscribe here. However, I was hoping they would maybe do something for us and unlock a kit for CU (such as a set of brushes).

yes I was hoping the same thing, as i subscribe too, and a "free" kit is kinda meaningless to me, unless I am allowed to download something special... also, I had lost the ability to download my kits that I should have been able to after the crash, but what I tried to get after the site reopened, told me I had already downloaded for that day, which was impossible of course since I had not downloaded anything since the day before yesterday at that time... then the next day, since I could not see anything I downloaded due to the month being reset, I clicked on a bundle and discovered I had already downloaded it, but then the system would not let me download an alternate, because I am assuming, it thought I had just downloaded my days kits... so I essentially lost 2 days of kits... smiley

Late yesterday, and today, I was able to download my kits as normal, but only after scouring my files to be sure the same thing was not going to happen again. I received an error from the server the previous day, but can't remember what it said now.

I'm a CU subscriber, so the free kit is not relevant for me either, but what a generous gesture!

Glad your back and thanks for your work!!

This is why, even though I am not very active lately, I am still a paying member. I am proud to support such an upstanding company. You guys rock, as always!

I too, am proud to be a member here. My activity has been a fraction of what it was a few years ago. Life (and a new granddaughter)! But because Marisa and Jordan run this like a family business (...they ARE a family--haha)-- I mean they treat us all like family, I continue, when financially able, to support them with my membership. I have gotten way more from the Pixel Scrapper community than I have given. And I appreciate their sincere efforts to be the best they can be for all of us! Don't fall on your sword over this, Jordan. We know you guys are doing the best you can. Thank you for your efforts, your caring and sharing. smiley

smiley smiley

DARN! I know it's not anyones fault, and I know nothing can really be done about it, but I just lost another days worth of kit downloads due to the outage.. I was gonna post a SS, but pointless. The page where the bundle I wanted was, did not say I had downloaded before, and when I got to the download page with all the kits on it, none of them said I had ever downloaded them before either, but... low and behold, they had been. Bummer for me. Makes me wish I was more organised, but I have so much in the pc (again) that it is hard to find it all. My problem, not yours, just venting! smiley