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Request for testimonials

Hi everyone! Jordan and I are working on a new front page to encourage people to join Pixel Scrapper, and as part of that effort, it would be great if some of you who appreciate the site could supply some testimonials (just a sentence or two would be great).

If you like Pixel Scrapper, and don't mind being potentially quoted on the front page and/or other locations with the name and photo from your profile, please email your kind words to with the subject header "Testimonial", or use the contact form.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Pixel Scrapper is the first digital scrapbook site where I have felt like part of a community. I also appreciate being able to earn download credits in order to download, basically free, the beautiful designs. It is a site I can't wait to visit daily.

Great idea!! Many of us have been loving this site for years and it's only gotten better!

I'm more than willing as well. I agree with Heather, this is the only site where I feel like a part of a community. I'm so glad that you're willing to put so much time and effort into this site! I'll write up the testimonial a bit later tonight once the girls go to sleep. Would it also be helpful if I uploaded finished layouts to other sites and credited you? I'd love to be able to draw more people your way!

Ditto what everyone here is saying especially visiting everyday. Love the site!!!!!!!!!

Done! Email on the way!! smiley

I just sent you an email. I found your site in December when you were doing your 30 days of giving. I have enjoyed coming back again and again to continue to download your fantastic products and participate in your challenges. I am enjoying your site!

Just like Sarah I came here in December and I just loved participating in some group discussions. I've never done this before. Love your site and thank you for all the digital scrapping materials. C:

This site really is getting better and better. So glad to be apart of it.

Thanks everyone for those great notes! It's so encouraging. We'll be using them as we work on making the site more friendly and encouraging to non-registered people. Thanks again!

Sent you an email as well. Only good things to say about your site

So glad to have found you~!

Sent, and with great pleasure. Thanks tons for all you do! smiley