Seeking an Upload Helper to Join the Pixel Scrapper Team

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Seeking an Upload Helper to Join the Pixel Scrapper Team

We are excited to be opening a new position here at Pixel Scrapper. If you love the products from this site, have a little free time and are interested in a free unlimited download subscription to Pixel Scrapper, keep reading.

As most of you know, part of the vision of Pixel Scrapper is that we want to have individual items like elements, papers, and templates, available for individual download--fully tagged and searchable--so that people can find and download exactly what they want without having to bother with purchasing and downloading full kits every time they want a particular ribbon, paper, or layout template. My goal is to have every item from every kit available for individual download.

Of course, this vision has its challenges. Basically, Brooke and I have a lot of new designs that we want to upload to Pixel Scrapper, but with all the time we spend designing, and everything that's going on at Pixel Scrapper and our daily lives, it's hard to find enough time to upload so many individual items; we've gotten to the point where we need help to be able to keep up with everything. So if you have a bit of time available, and would like to help keep the Pixel Scrapper vision alive, please us know!

Position Requirements

  1. Able to consistently work a couple hours per week uploading and tagging designs.
  2. Fast internet connection is beneficial.
  3. Ability to follow directions.
  4. Be in communication with Pixel Scrapper designers.
  5. Flexibility, as initially we'll still be working out the "how to" details of this position.

Position Benefits

  1. A free unlimited download subscription to Pixel Scrapper (PU & CU)
  2. A supporter badge to show off in the forums.
  3. Be a key member of the Pixel Scrapper team.
  4. Help keep the Pixel Scrapper vision alive.

How to Apply
Using this contact form, please submit the following:

  1. Your involvement at Pixel Scrapper.
  2. How you plan to make time for this position.
  3. Feel free to share your experience working with a team, or other experience you think will be helpful.
  4. Mention "unicorns" in your application so I know that you read and understood all the directions smiley.

Since this is a new position, we'll start out with a month-long trial period to make sure things are working out for both you and us.

wish I had the time to help out, but would hate to disappoint smiley Good luck!

I would love to...I wish that i had time.

I would have time and feel I am pretty qualified but I already paid for a year of the unlimited subscription. Oh well.

I hope you don't mind a newbie applying. My application has been sent.

My application has been sent yesterday.

Application has been sent.Thanks for the opportunity!

Sent an application yesterday. I think it's a wonderful idea, to take some of the load off of y'all.

I just sent my application too.

Ooh, is the year subscription live yet? I would so love to go for that! I wish I had time for a position like this but would hate to not live up to expectations!

I have sent mine 5 days ago.
Is there allready someone choosen?

We're still working on getting the system set up, so once that's working then we'll choose some people, and let you all know. Thanks everyone who has volunteered!

Thanks everyone for your patience as we continue to get this sorted out. I have just made a post about looking for new forum moderators as well, and we want to coordinate that process with getting upload helpers.

If you have applied to be an upload helper, feel free to apply for a moderator position as well: we will only select people for one position or the other, but applying for both will increase your chances of getting a position.

Thanks for the update, Marisa! I applied for the upload helper position shortly after it was posted. Read through the moderator description, not really my thing. So I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope that you pick me for this one!!!

I applied for both the upload helper and forum moderator! Fingers crossed smiley

We're really close to getting everything set up, hopefully in the next couple of days. However, we're also moving on Friday, so we'll see what gets done...

hi i applied for upload helper right after i saw the message about it would love to so keeping my fingers crossed. smiley

Thanks to everyone who has applied! There were so many applicants it was hard to choose! I've chosen 3 people for now, and in the future we may need more to help out. Thanks again everyone for your support!

Hi. I'm a seasoned graphic designer and a newbie to the digital scrap thing.

I love your site and would be thrilled to do this job. I'm in between contracts right now and have been pretty much only getting part-time contract work for the last 6 months. This sounds like the perfect fit.

More under separate cover via the contract form.

Thanks for the listing.

aka, the Digital Dorkette