Site search/browse down while we work on fix

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Site search/browse down while we work on fix

As many of you know, we've had recurrent issues with our site search functionality crashing over the last few weeks (since we migrated to the new server).

I'm going to be working today to update and completely reinstall our search software, and re-index the entire site. This should hopefully fix the issues we've had with the crashing, but be aware that site search and browse pages will not be fully functional until tomorrow (July 18), because of the re-indexing.

Things will start to show up on the browse and search pages starting now, but many items will be missing until July 18.

Thanks for your patience!

check your support messages for mine about 30 minutes ago, it may have a clue and where to find the problem please...

Sorry you're having to deal with this right now, Jordan; I know it makes for a long day when you're trying to get moved and ready for your grad program at the same time. Hopefully the reinstall and re-index will prove to be the fix it needs.

Yes, lets hope so all will work out fine! Good luck, Jordan! smiley

Thank you for all your work in the background smiley but I'm so sorry Jordan, can you look into my gallery, there are a lot of pictures, that are not mine...

Hmm, yeah, Andrea HAS found an issue. Checking my gallery from my profile leads to the main gallery page rather than my own layouts... That's an interesting side effect! XD

That said, it might be a case of the indexing not being there yet to be able to search by user ID, so it's just showing EVERYTHING in the gallery... I'll check it again in the morning and see if it's still not sorted.

When searching "Camping" this morning or items within a given kit, it is not taking me to those items. Unsure if the fix is complete, but wanted to make you aware.

Uh-oh...all the regular designers' items are showing up in the Commons right now. As thrilling as it is to see my designs next to all of the site designers, this probably isn't working as intended. smiley

Well, I guess it was naive to think that this process was going to go smoothly. smiley

I think the above issues are now fixed. Let me know if anyone find further problems.

Troubleshooting code is always an adventure, Jordan--it's easy for fixes to one thing to have...unexpected effects... on other areas. This is just growing pains for the site, and something for you guys to look back on and laugh about next year--just make sure it makes it into the scrapbook! smiley

thank you for ALL you and your fellow workers do to help make our digital scrapbooking lives so much fun and full of beautiful memories!! We appreciate the work you did/are doing to get it fixed!! Take care!

Thank you so much gallery is updated smiley