Some personal email messages not delivered

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Some personal email messages not delivered

It has come to our attention that some replies to personal contact form messages and QC reports have not been going through to their intended recipients.

All original messages SENT from the personal contact forms at Pixel Scrapper appear to be going through fine. The issues is that when some users reply to these messages within their email client, the reply has been going to the wrong place. The reason for this is that a few email clients (the web app or program that someone uses for email) do not properly respect the "reply to" headers that are sent with our site emails. (This is a problem that affects other site emails as well, and is not specific to Pixel Scrapper).

This only affects a very small number of users, and they will now be notified when their messages are not delivered as expected (and how to fix the issue).

We are contacting the most recently affected users on a per-message basis for messages that were sent during the last couple of weeks.

Just be aware that if it seemed like someone was ignoring your messages, or you were expecting a message that you never received from another users, this could be the reason.

Thank you for the notice. I have sent a few messages, including a request to upload to the commons, but have never heard back from any of them. It helps to know the messages were most likely never delivered.

I don't receive messages either, so if anyone has contacted me and not received a reply, it wasn't an oversight. I'm going to switch my contact form email to another service and see if that clears the issue.

Thank you for your notification!

I had that problem and now I will take it into account!

I am having a hard time downloading the karate people illustrations and digital paper. When they were first released, I tried twice a day. I have backed off since. I seem to be able to download other's papers and elements fine. Is there a problem with these files? Does anyone know? There is no person to contact.

@ Jet - This problem seems like it might be something that Jordan or Thani might be able to assist you with, and you might want to use the contact form so that they get your issue sent directly to their mailbox. I just downloaded unique ID 143673 without a problem. Is that one of the graphics that you have trouble downloading? So there is something going on there - How frustrating that can be! Hang in there - I'm so glad that you brought this to attention and just didn't give up on it.

@ Jordan - I switched over to a gmail account from my previous service provider, and I am now receiving email just fine. In fact, I received my very first weekly Commons statistics report! So cool!