Thani promoted to Junior Webmaster

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Thani promoted to Junior Webmaster

Most of you know that Thani has been working with us out for the last few months as an intern, helping around the forums, doing various web development tasks (like adding the sweet new download history functionality), and answering support requests like a ninja.

Thani has been a stellar intern, and we're happy to announce that he will be staying on with us for a while, in a part-time capacity. As of today he is officially being promoted from Intern to Junior Webmaster!

Thani staying on with us will be a great help as we look to keep up with support requests and basic site maintenance while also continuing to fix bugs and add new features to Pixel Scrapper to help the site thrive.

Sweet! Congratulations Thani!!

Congratulations, Thani!

Well deserved! Keep up the good work, Thani smiley

congratulations, Thani! smiley

Wonderful news!

Awesome; Congrats!

Woot! smiley Congrats, Thani!

Junior Webmaster = Superhero Status

Well done, Grasshopper.

Congrat to you Thani! I know that I have appreciated all your help!

Congratulations, Thani!

Congrats Thani!!!

הרבה הצלחה!

Congrats Thani!

Welcome, and congrats, Thani!

Congrats Thani!


So glad to hear it. He has been so helpful!

Congratulations, Thani!

Congrats Thani!

Awesome! smiley

Yay! Thani is a great addition to the team. Glad he'll be staying around for a while!

Congratulations Thani!! smiley

Awesome. Congratulations, Thani.

Congrats! Thani

Congratulations, Thani.

Congrats Thani, very well deserved!

Thanks, everybody! I'm excited to be staying on for awhile. smiley

Brilliant! Congrats, Thani! smiley

Congrats Thani! We are all happy to hear you are able to expand your stay in this capacity! Keep up the great work!

Congratulate on the promotion, well done Thani smiley

Congratulations Thani! So glad to have you here permanently! You have been such a big help by "taking care of business" as we like to say in New Orleans! smiley