User notifications feature being rolled out

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User notifications feature being rolled out

For a long time we've been wanting some kind of notifications feature here at Pixel Scrapper: something that would let users know when someone has commented on one of their layouts, or replied to their forum post, etc. This feature request has gotten a lot of votes in the forums.

Well, we've been listening, and I'm pleased to say that I've been working hard to get an early version of this feature up and running! Like with most new features at Pixel Scrapper, this change will be gradually rolled out to all users: some people will start seeing notifications right away, and others will have to wait a bit while the system rolls out.

This is just an early version of the system, and I plan to make lots of additions and improvements, including notifications of when a another user mentions you in a comment, and optional email notification digests... for now let me know how you like the system, and if you encounter any bugs or problems (I'm sure there will be a few hiccups at first).

Currently the system provides notifications for:

  • If a user hearts one of your layouts.
  • If a user comments on one of your layouts.
  • If a user replies to a forum topic that you started.

Notifications are NOT yet implemented for:

  • A user replies to one of your comments on someone else's layout (you will only receive notifications for comments on your layouts--not replies in other places).
  • A user replies in a forum topic that you have also replied to (you will only receive a notification if you started the forum topic).
  • A user @mentions you in a post or comment (we hope to have notifications for that soon).

Click to get a drop-down list:

Sweeeeeeet! No more hunting down posts to see if anyone has replied, yaaaay!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work!

Thank you for working on this! I think if it work it's great. Love this site and the love that goes into it! Thanks Jordan. smiley

That's great! Thanks!

Yay! So cool!!!

Thank you so much for doing this, I know it will be great.

haha.. I posted just in time for a screenshot.. smiley still looking around but I imagine I will figure it all out.

I love it! Thank you for your hard work! smiley

Awesome! Thanks for adding this feature! glad that you're adding this feature! smiley smiley

This is an awesome feature, nice job Jordan!

Will love this. Thanks so much for working on this and will be so glad for it to be in effect.

Yay - thank you!!

Wonderful, thank you so much.

yay!!!!! so fabulous! thank you thank you for all that you do!

This is another fab addition to this site. Thanks so much for all that you do!!!

i'm loving this, thank you so much for all your hard work.. smiley

Love it! Can't wait!!! Thank you!

That's good but i don't have, is that possible smiley

Excellent news! I haven't been on in a few days, so it will be fun to see this in action when it gets fully rolled out. Thanks, Jordan!

Thanks, this will be so helpful! smiley

sounds super duper fantastic... can't wait to see the @name portion working too... that will be a great addition too. smiley
thanks so much for ALL you do for us Jordan!!!

Thank you Jordan! This feature will be so helpful to have...great job! I'll be looking out for
this one for sure! smiley

awesome! smiley

i don't upload layouts but for those who do it's nice to see the appreciation from fellow scrappers.

UPDATE: I've added notifications for when a user comments or replies to an item/forum post that you have also commented on/replied to in the last week (so basically you get notifications about threads you are active in).

I don't want to seem impatient but really I am because this is an exciting feature you are adding to the site. So any idea how long before the system will be totally rolled out and all of us should be getting the notifications. Just because I am not getting any yet and I know I have to wait but just wondering how long before I get concerned. Thanks again for this and all things you do for the site.

@Brenda: I'm sorry for the wait. Unfortunately, big features like this take a while to roll out... to answer your question, it may be 3-4 weeks before notifications are completely rolled out to everyone smiley

Ooooo I got notifications today from the threads I was active in - thank you Jordan!!

me too, me too... oh so cool!!!! love love love it Jordan!!! TYSVM!!!