Welcome to our first Pixel Scrapper intern!

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Welcome to our first Pixel Scrapper intern!

Joining us at Pixel Scrapper this week is our first intern: my brother Thani Magnuson! Thani recently graduated from Union University in Tennessee, and will be joining Marisa and I in our Oregon HQ for the next few months to help out, and learn a few things about web development, so you'll probably be seeing him around in the forums. We're super excited to have him here!

Please give Thani a warm Pixel Scrapper welcome by replying to his introduce yourself post in the forums, and/or sending him a welcome message via his profile contact form (let's see if we can overflow his inbox)! smiley

Already hard at work!


welcome, Thani! smiley

Welcome, Thani! Nice to have your here... smiley

Welcome Thani! What a small world it is! Why? My mom used to attend the Union University in the 1950's. What's more, my parents were first introduced by my aunt in that town! Not only that, my husband and I were married in the wedding chapel designed/built by my father for my aunt in the lovely town, Jackson six years ago!!! Again, welcome Thani!!

Welcome Thani!!

Welcome! smiley

nice to see the team growing!
welcome, thani!

Welcome! Enjoy and learn!

Welcome Thani and good continuation. smiley

Welcome Thani, I am sure you're going to learn a lot - and hopefully have fun!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

@Melanie - What a crazy connection! That's awesome. Union and Jackson are both absolutely wonderful.

You all look like you are having fun in the office.
P.s welcome Thani! smiley

Welcome Thani! I hope you enjoy your time here. Love the office photo!!

Welcome Thani

Welcome Thani! Regards from Spain!

Welcome Thani to a fantastic group of creativity!!

Welcome aboard! We are a fun, rambunctious group with lots and lots of energy to craft, design, and scrap the night away! This is one of the most exciting places on the web and there are no others like it. Marisa and Jordan had an idea that was so generous, and the venue has attracted fellow scrap-booking designers, web designers, project 365 designers & users, moms, dads, grandparents, and fans. The quality of the designs is impeccable with checks and double checks for perfection. You are among great company with those two and all of the designers here at Pixelscrapper. A great big WELCOME is yours! xoxox

@Beth - Thank you for the welcome! And I know, Jordan and Marisa and you all have fostered such a great community here! I'm excited to be a part of it. smiley

A Giant Welcome Thani. Learn all you can and most of all have fun!

Welcome Thani! great to have such awesome support! smiley

Welcome Thani. Good luck