Would you sign our manifesto?

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Would you sign our manifesto?

Dear Pixel Scrapper community:

As a member of Pixel Scrapper, you probably know that there are a few things that make us a little "different." For example, we give away a lot of free designs, and unlike most sites, we let our users choose their own freebies from among our large collection. On average, we give away over 50,000 free graphics every month.

We also have unusual terms of use for our designs that allow a lot more flexibility and freedom than normal, and our gallery, rather than being limited to layouts using Pixel Scrapper products, is free and open to everyone.

These decisions were not made carelessly: Jordan and I want Pixel Scrapper to be more than a business--we want it to be a caring community of outstanding individuals that fosters generosity, creativity, and a spirit of abundance. We want to share creative resources with people who might not have the financial means to pay for them--and that's the reason for all the free downloads we give away. We want people to feel empowered and encouraged when downloading designs from our site rather than nervous and limited--and that's the reason for our generous and flexible terms of use. We want everyone to feel welcome at Pixel Scrapper--and that's the reason for our open gallery.

We've expressed some of what we're trying to do with Pixel Scrapper in our Manifesto.

I'm posting this, because it would mean a lot to me if you would take a look and "sign" our Manifesto if you believe in what we're trying to do at Pixel Scrapper (no actual signature required: just click a button on the page to show your support). We're a small team, and the work involved in running Pixel Scrapper can often be long and hard. Our community members who volunteer as moderators, upload helpers, and creative team members receive no financial compensation. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we do this work because we believe in Pixel Scrapper's vision; we believe in what it's trying to be; we love the caring community, and we believe in the little bit of positive change the site is trying to bring to the world.

If you can support us financially with a monthly subscription, that would be huge for us: we need financial support to keep going. By subscribing to the site, you're not just signing up for access to thousands of awesome kits and designs: you're helping us to keep Pixel Scrapper alive every month. Our Patrons are key members of the Pixel Scrapper team: people who decide to support us every month whether or not they download from the site, because they believe in what we're doing.

But whether or not you can support us financially, by signing our manifesto you can boost the spirits of everyone on the Pixel Scrapper team by letting us know that you believe in us, and you want our vision to succeed.

Click Here to Read and "Sign" The Pixel Scrapper Manifesto
(Again: no actual signature required: just click a button on the page to let us know you support our vision.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Pixelscrapper is my favorite digital scrapbooking site for all the reasons that you list in the Manifesto. The designers are so talented, the designs are easy to access, and the participants in the gallery, challenges, and blog trains are inspiring. I do feel a great sense of community here. I also love that there's no requirement to use a certain amount of Pixelscrapper designs when uploading to the gallery (although most of mine are from here since it's my favorite site.) Thanks so much! Blessings to you!

Your site got me started in digiscrapping way back when it was in the old format. I couldn't believe that such amazing art work was being shared so freely and generously! The atmosphere at Pixelscrapper has always been unique in that way. Also, the kindness and acceptance among the patrons has created an environment where it's safe to learn and try new skills. There is so much encouragement from everyone on this site, no matter what your skill level. Your site has grown so much from the early days and yet the same sense of giving and encouragement has remained, and has been passed along to so many. There are many designers of all levels creating and sharing their art through your site and following in your footsteps. I take what I design and share it freely through FB because of your example and generosity. Giving back to the scrapping community is a joy! Thank you to you both for all you do - and for how long you've been at it!! smiley

I love this Manifesto. I truly believe in everything you say. Thank you for this site, and thank you to all of the designers for your generous gifts or art. I hope to be able to make my own designs one day and share with you. I am trying to learn. Thank you for the tutorials. They help me so much. GOD bless you all! smiley smiley


I would have to agree wholeheartedly with all of the above comments - this site is pure magic! I honestly believe that Pixel Scrapper is unique in the online digiscrapping world, and as soon as I have posted this comment, I'm heading over to 'sign' the Manifesto.

The first time I read the manifesto, I was completely blown away by the generosity of spirit it embodies. For a site to so generously give so much is almost unheard of in the world we live in - and Marisa and Jordan's hard work, vision and creativity is evident everywhere you go on the site. I love Pixel Scrapper, and I will continue to support it for as long as I possibly can.

The designers here are second to none, in my opinion, and the fact that they give away their work is almost unbelieveable! But it's not just the designers, and other 'official' people who make this site what it is - the members of this community are also part of what makes it so special. I have learned so much from so many of them - and everyone is so amazingly generous with their knowledge, and will help and support others in any way they can.

To Marisa, Jordan, the designers (past and present), moderators, uploaders, creative team members, and all the other community members - a huge THANK YOU!! You have given me a very precious gift - not just a way to express my creativity, but a way to help me get through stress, depression, and anxiety, as well as various physical problems. You are my lifeline, and you will never know how much I appreciate all of you.

Heading over to sign the manifesto now.

Love it here!! Thank you Marisa & Jordan for all you do and your generosity. Pixel Scrapper was the motivator I needed to begin digital scrapbooking. If I did not find this site I probably never would have even tried scrapping digitally and now it's my favorite thing to do. The feeling here is somehow different than other digi sites. I have other sites that I like, but it's like those sites are my friends and Pixel Scrapper is like coming home to family. I guess it's the people that are here. Not just the designers (etc), like Robyn said above but , the other members. No one ever has a bad thing to say and everyone will go out of there way to help you or give you a compliment. I feel so lucky and proud to be a Creative Team Member of this amazing community. Thank you everyone. Manifesto signed!!

I have to add my kudos and my gratitude to Marisa and Jordan, all the moderators, designers, active posters, blog train participants, et al. The manifesto is beautifully written and I had a hard time holding back the tears as I read it. Wouldn't the world be a kinder, more compassionate place to inhabit if everyone held themselves to these ideals? This site has become my one and only scrapbook home. Over the years, I have belonged to numerous other sites, participated in their blog trains, and was active in their forums. I never felt particularly welcomed, encouraged, or appreciated. At Pixel Scrapper, I feel all those things and more. It also is a joy and an honor to be able to share my digital creations here. May we all come together under the umbrella of this manifesto with joy in our hearts, kindness as our modus operandi, with patience and tolerance for others who differ from ourselves or who are at different skill levels and, most of all, with gratitude for what we have been blessed with.

This is so straight forward, and exactly how I feel! I agree with ya'll on every point. To do good does feel good. And, it breeds more good feelings. Nothing makes my day like a smile to someone who returns it. I am on cloud nine! I actually get a warm feeling! If I see someone who needs help or, like, needs to pull out of a gas station, I enjoy helping them, giving them room to pull out. I would want someone to do that for me. For me, it is simply the belief in "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". That was what my father taught me. I don't expect to always get back what I give out, because I feel so blessed! Someone else or something else will come along and make my day. It's okay if not everyone feels like smiling. I don't always, either! LOL
You and Jordan come across to me as blessed. Ya'll run a great site! You do good! And, I love the things in which ya'll 'believe'! I look at you all with much respect for what you do, and, now, that we share the same beliefs. (I've often wondered if you two of you have 'hippie' roots somewhere.)

Just out of curiosity, is a Manifesto like an Artist's Statement? They sound similar, other than it looks like a Manifesto is more for a group or a place, whereas, a Statement is a single artist. Everyone should try to write an Artist's Statement. It does something to you that makes you feel good about yourself and your art. And, we can all use a little more of that, eh?

FYI - Artist's Statement - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist%27s_statement

This is my favorite place on the web smiley I think what you have created here is fabulous and as everyone here has mentioned this is definitely a different kind of digi place...by far the most welcoming, friendly place to be. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of such a great community.

Thanks everyone! You're all making me cry! All the hearts!

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley


Pixel Scrapper was the place I decided to land just a little over a year ago when I wanted to learn how to become a designer even though a scrapper I'm not! I've learned so much and have indeed become a designer, although I know "learning" will never end.

Thank you both for making PS such a welcoming place!!


Me gusta está comunidad , tienen muchas propuestas interesantes y las amigas que comparten sus trabajos son maravillosas . smiley

Thanks for everything on the site!! You are a VERY valuable part of the digital scrapbooking community!! I love all you have and the way that you set it up... keep up the great work!!

Best manifesto I've ever read!

Love This--->"We rebel against the tradition of making people feel like criminals for wanting to download and build upon our creations". smiley

This sight is filled with warmth and generosity and a beautiful community spirit. Thank you for sharing.

I've only been here a short time but I have signed the manifesto I think this is a wonderful group and so very caring and sharing smiley


I read and I have signed. A lot of thought has gone into this manifesto and it really does make you think this is the place where I shall fit in, find love, friendship, support and really enjoy being a part of it all. There are very few groups out there that are this generous and caring.

Welcome Sheila!

I have been collecting digital stuff for years but have yet to leave my dependency on actual paper products. Because I found this site I will be using the products I have collected to actually start digitally scrapbooking - thanks.

I love this place and am learning so much already through the generous sharing of knowledge and talent. I'm working on my designing skills and hope to contribute once I feel a little more confident about my designs.

I thought I had already signed this but I hadn't, so, I did! lol I really enjoy this site too, at looking at everyone's new creations and everyone's lovely photo layouts!

I signed and I am grateful for Marisa and team .. I think all the designers are amazingly talented I want to thank you all for your talent ad sharing I have learned allot here and I am blessed this feels like a designing home with lots of family members .. appreciate all the tutorials you all post .. I have allot more to learn and want to learn from the best I singed up for membership and have not regretted it one bit

Thanks Bev!

I gave my John Hancock! smiley

I love the manifesto - what wonderful sentiments, & really, a way to live life too ! Thank everyone who works to provide this service & community !

Signed smiley