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I can´t find this but I think it must be here somewhere - anyway I just have to ask since I´m new here and want to know where these daily free downloads are???? Sorry if this is posted somewhere smiley

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper Tora! I´ll re-direct your post to "support" forum in case you need more instructions, but, basically, you find the downloads clicking on the tabs "assets", "templates" and "kits" on the top menu, close to the pixel Scrapper logo.

Thank you Lórien,
I did find the "assets" but can I also get "templates" and "kits" with my DC´s?

You can get assets and templates with your daily DCs. Whole kit downloads (along with a few other perks talked about here) are reserved for those who have donated to the site.

This page explains more about the DC and also about the DC "prices" of various types of items. The more you interact with the site, the more Community Points you get, and the more daily DC you get (up to 10). The DC resets every day and does NOT accumulate.

Welcome to PixelScrapper!! smiley

Thank you Mollie smiley for explaining this to me smiley

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Tora!

@Lorien, Mollie: thanks for explaining!