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Need help with product

Hi Marisa--or anyone who might know
Is there a way to ungroup pages done in Photoshop to the used in PSE? I purchased a product that has group layers and I cannot ungroup.
Can't find it anywhere. Hope someone knows a trick. Thanks Donna

I don't believe you can if you are using PSE.

I've had this problem too and can't ungroup things.

Ladies: I'm moving this to the SUPPORT forum so Jordan and/or Marisa will see it. They mentioned this problem before of a few layered templates and said if you run across ones that do this to let them know and she would fix it and re-upload. Soooo, please come back here to this post and list the exact template name or number please. smiley

Then they will get it fixed as soon as they have a chance. I'm sure of it! smiley

There is some discussion here about ungrouping things in PSE, which you may want to check out if you have this problem often. Also, you can send me the link of the grouped template and I'll update it so it's not in a group.

Hi Marisa,
The specific product I have is merisalerin-6333-plaid paper templates numbers 21-30. All have the horizontal and the vertical layers grouped except 26 (an overlay) and 29 and 30 which have the pattern layers saved individually. Thus since I use PSE11 which cannot ungroup layers, I cannot use templates 21,22,23,24,25,27,28. If you could send me the ungrouped versions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and sorry to be a bother

PS, I did read the discussion above but it does not address this problem. After checking several sources on the internet, I learned that there is not a workaround/solution for this in PSE. Thanks

Yes this is a problem and I'm working on fixing it.

I recently updated those kits so they weren't in groups any more. I've credited your account with some extra download credits so you can download it again and it should work for you now.


Thanks so much. Got the files and everything is fine. I really appreciate your help! Love the plaid papers!